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DayZ producer addresses fan concerns regarding game's development

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Following fan concerns regarding the development of DayZ, producer Brian Hicks took to the the game's official forums to reassure the community and defend the project's direction.

He was responding to a thread entitled 'Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?', in which the author and a not inconsiderable number of other players expressed disappointment in the buggy state of the game.

Two new locations added to DayZ in latest update

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Fancy a change of location in DayZ? Now you can visit two new villages and a WWII memorial, thanks to the game's latest Early Access patch.

That's not all of course, the update also comes with the expected bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. Including the eagerly anticipated addition of "cow animation sets". Now the game is truly complete.

DayZ developer targets improved server performance, DirectX 11 support

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DayZ Standalone isn't even in beta mode yet, but the studio behind the cult hit are still planning new features and improvements.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, developer Dean "Rocket" Hall outlined some of the major changes coming to the open-world multiplayer zombie game, including upgrades that should increase both performance and graphical fidelity.

Bohemia investigating "precise nature and scope" of DayZ server breach

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Something unscrupulous has happened on the Internetz! Bohemia Interactive have "detected an attack" on the DayZ servers, with the ArmA creator investigating the "precise nature and scope" of the incident.

Hackers allege to have made off with DayZ source code during the data raid, from version 0.28 of the alpha. The concern is a dissection of the code for more exploits.

Early Access on Steam: Paying the Price for Unfinished Games

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Community-driven games development is now a reality, but it's not without its pitfalls.

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