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DayZ forums hacked; change your passwords

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Another day, another hack. While maybe DayZ isn’t quite the phenomenon it was a few years ago when it was helping to start the indie survival game gold rush, there may have been a point where you, dear reader, were interested. Interested enough to join the forums!

Bohemia Interactive hints at 2016 changes in preparation of DayZ 1.0

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The DayZ development team has gone through a long and arduous process to bring the game to where it is now. Months upon years of tweaks and balances have turned a pretty popular mod into a full-on actual game. Today, Bohemia Interactive shared some plans the team intends to tackle for 2016 as they march towards the game's exit from Early Access into full release.

Upcoming Day Z update adding predatory animals

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It seems that new predators are being added to the open world PvP survival game Day Z, and they're not zombies or even other humans. Now, dangerous animals are being added to the game.

DayZ private servers can now be monetized

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DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive is adding an interesting new element to their server system. Owners of DayZ private servers can now monetize the use of their servers, allowing them to charge players for access, buy advertisement for their servers, and charge for in-game items.

E3 2015: Dean Hall announces space-based ION, an MMO of humanity colonising the stars

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DayZ creator Dean Hall has unveiled his next project over at Improbable and it's called ION. It's another game based on huge player numbers, except this time it's going MMO in space to colonise the furthest reaches.

We'll build and live in space bases of our own design, and likely plot many a raid and murder-most-foul. ION will support "fully simulated environments" like power grids, air pressure and heat.

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