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We slip into our rubber suits and capes to play SOE's latest MMORPG.

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Play as DC's finest in new Legends PVE mode for DC Universe Online

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Typically SOE's superhero MMO DC Universe has you teaming up with the heavy-hitters of the DC comics universe, but latest Game Update 43 lets you control them directly in PVE battles.

Legends PVE will let players form strike teams made up of famous superheroes, and Update 43 also adds underwater clan bases, and a new 'Season's Greedings!' mission which has players retrieving Christmas presents stolen by Orange Lantern Corps baddie Larfleeze.

European players of SOE games will have to move their accounts

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European players of MMO games PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 will have to transfer their accounts from third party company ProSiebenSat1 Games (PSG) over to developer Sony Online Entertainment in the next few weeks.

Players will have a 90-day window, currently estimated to run from July 1 to September 28 but not yet confirmed, to migrate their accounts from PSG to SOE.

DC Universe Online gets new Amazon Fury DLC, trailer released

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All versions of DC Universe Online have been updated with new content. The Amazon Fury update adds a new storyline featuring Wonder Woman and her Amazon soldiers battling the evil Circe's troops across Gotham City and beyond.

DC Universe Online receives 'War of the Light' DLC, first update in free trilogy

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Sony Online has just announced the War of Light DLC trilogy that takes DC Universe Online players on an all-new storyline introducing the Blue Lantern Corps as well as a new power set.

It's split across three parts with the first, now available, introducing the red light of rage affecting tank classes and berserker-like abilities. Metropolis has been transformed.

Sons of Trigon DLC pack now available for DC Universe Online

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced that, as promised, the Sons of Trigon downloadable content pack for DC Universe Online is now available for PC and PlayStation 3.

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