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Techland developer explains why Dead Island 2 is being handled by another team

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Techland created the first Dead Island, a sun-soaked zombie action-adventure that wasn't all that brilliant but did very well commercially. So why aren't they involved with the sequel?

In an interview with Eurogamer, Techland game designer Maciej Binkowski shed some light on the situation. "Right from the start, the IP was theirs," he explained, referring to publisher Deep Silver. "At that point we weren't really in a position to negotiate, so that was the best deal we could get."

Dead Island 2 announced, coming to PC and current-gen consoles in Spring 2015

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Deep Silver has announced that zombie-hunting co-op sequel Dead Rising 2 will be coming to PC and current-gen consoles in Spring 2015.

Set after the events of the first outbreak on Banoi Island, Dead Rising 2 takes place in an infected and walled-off California, "a dynamic, bright, and beautiful open world where you and your friends fight endless zombie hordes with your handcrafted weapons."

Fans make live-action version of infamous Dead Island trailer

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Remember the original teaser trailer for Dead Island that became an internet sensation? Some intrepid fans have recreated it frame-by-frame in live action.

Techland: Dying Light isn't another Dead Island

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Techland's upcoming Dying Light has some similarities to its previous open world zombie game, Dead Island, but the developer reassures both games are quite different. The former has more of a Mirror's Edge style to it, complete with parkour, with also a key day-night cycle (which adds a Dead Rising element to it.)

New Humble Bundle features Deep Silver games

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The latest Humble Bundle deal features Deep Silver games including Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third, Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2.

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