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Dota 2 to be updated to Source 2 engine in the next few weeks

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According to a post on the Dota 2 blog, Valve is preparing to switch the popular MOBA over to the Source 2 Engine very shortly, as part of the major Reborn Update.

“Moving away from the Source 1 engine soon will allow us to better focus our efforts entirely on Source 2 in preparation for various upcoming tournaments,” the studio writes. “There are still a few features that will need some work when the update is released, but we plan to finish them quickly.”

The first Dota Major Championship will be held in Europe this November

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Back in April Valve announced the Dota Major Championships, a series of tournament events hosted by third parties that would lead up to next year's International event.

Today the studio has revealed the initial schedule in a blog post. The first Major will be held in Europe this November, though Valve's not ready to start talking ticket pricing or location just yet.

Rick and Morty announcer pack available for Dota 2

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Rick and Morty, heroes of the Adult Swim cartoon about an insane scientist and his grandson, are making their way to Dota 2 in the form of an announcer pack.

There are several of these out already, featuring such memorable voices as GLaDOS, the narrator from he Stanley Parable, and Half-Life's very own Dr. Kleiner.

Valve launches DotA TV Beta, in preparation for The International 2015

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Valve has launched a Beta for DotA TV, the live-streaming platform the the company will use to broadcast this August's The International tournament to an audience in the millions.

You can check out the current most-viewed DotA2 matches over on the new website, complete with a nifty interface that brings you closer to the action.

The International 2015 raises $15,000,000 prize pool

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Last year's The International tournament for Dota 2 had a prize pot of around $10,000,000 – not an inconsiderable sum by any means. Looks like it will be small beans compared to this year's crowd-funded effort, however.

So far Dota fans have raised a mind-blowing $15,000,000, enough to unlock every single one of Valve's stretch goals, including new weather effects, terrain, courier pets, a new skin and more.

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