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Valve announces a series of “marquee tournament events” for DotA 2

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Just one blockbuster DotA 2 tournament was clearly not enough for Valve – the company has announced the Dota Major Championships, a series of third-party hosted events that includes the already hugely successful grand tournament, The International.

“These marquee tournament events will see top teams competing at premier venues around the world,” the company reveals. “There will be limited trade periods during the year for participating teams. As the Fall event approaches, more tournament details will be announced.”

Goat Simulator's heroic lead could be jetpacking his way into DotA 2

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Coffee Stain Studios is trying valiantly to make the world a better place - specifically by adding the humble caprine protagonist from Goat Simulator into Valve's mega-popular MOBA Dota 2, via the Steam Workshop.

Specifically our goat hero would act as a custom courier, rather than a hero, carrying valuable items to and fro from your team's base.

Dota 2 registers over 1 million concurrent users on Steam

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Dota 2 managed to net over 1 million concurrent Steam users over the weekend, becoming the first game on Valve's service to reach that milestone.

It's still got a while to go before it catches up to genre rival League of Legends, though; Riot's game has reached over 7.5 million concurrent users. Which is pretty ridiculous.

GeForce GTX 960 a new mid-range from Nvidia, hopes to replace 'aging' cards

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Look out MOBA masses because Nvidia has been paying attention to all that data from the Steam hardware survey, and they've noticed a high proportion of GeForce users are using a GTX 660 or older.

Most of those are playing the likes of DOTA 2 or League of Legends. The new GTX 960 is designed to tempt an upgrade to this fresh mid-range Maxwell GPU priced at under £200.

Valve announces dates for this year's Dota 2 The International tournament

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Valve has announced the dates for this year's round of the mind-bogglingly popular DotA 2 eSports competition The International, which will take place in Seattle.

Sixteen teams will battle it out for great big buckets of cash, with the Main Event running for six days, from Monday August 3 through Saturday August 8.

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