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Democracy 3 data analysis reveals that players are typically left-leaning and liberal

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Developer Cliff Harris has been compiling data taken from his political simulator Democracy 3, and it turns out that his audience has something of a liberal leaning.

The majority of the game’s 200,000 or so players opt for left-leaning, liberal policies, which might not be a total surprise given the average age of gaming fans.

Democracy 3 Extremism DLC available now

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The latest DLC for Positech Games' political simulator Democracy 3 is out now. The Extremism pack adds 33 new situations and policies for "times requiring drastic measures".

Positech's Cliff Harris explains how sales 'can reward bad games'

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Gratuitous Space Battles creator Cliff Harris of Positech Games has been under fire from the Internet ever since he said 'sales are a bad thing because I make less money' - except he didn't say that, he blogs.

His detractors on his article 'skimmed it', and were "eager to whine and moan and hurl insults". Now he clarifies what he meant by how our beloved sales can be a bad thing.

Democracy 3 now available, launch trailer released

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Developer Positech has announced that their political strategy-sim Democracy 3 is now available from the studio site and Steam. The studio has also released a launch trailer.

Gratuitous Space Battles developer releases pre-order beta for Democracy 3

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Power to the people! Well, the people who can afford it anyway. We don't want no scrubs devaluing property prices, and hiking up social welfare. Eww. Positech is now taking pre-orders for Democracy 3.

Those who do slap down their cash in the name of election rigging and corporate freedoms will get access to the beta. Steam keys will be provided when it finally releases.

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