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Original Deus Ex creators in one hour Let’s Play of Deus Ex, continue celebration of 15th Anniversary

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Warren Spector, Chris Norden and Sheldon Pacotti are all original creators of the dystopic Deus Ex, so it's only fair they're subjected to a lengthy Let’s Play marathon of their original creation to celebrate 15 years of Deus Ex.

Listen carefully because they'll be offering their unique insight into the game and its universe. The plot maybe linear, "but within each part of the plot you can do whatever you want - that's the cool thing", declares Spector.

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector shares his thoughts on Human Revolution and the Mankind Divided trailer

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Deus Ex creator and industry legend Warren Spector has been doing an AMA over on Reddit, and it's well worth a read for anyone who's ever enjoyed his past work. He discusses the development process, his views on the future of gaming, and his feelings about the direction the Deus Ex franchise has taken since he handed over the reins.

Deus Ex: Universe rumours suggest a Mass Effect-style trilogy

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Square Enix has been fairly quiet regarding Deus Ex: Universe after first announcing the title last year, initially describing the project as an “ongoing, expanding and connected game world built across a generation of core games.”

Now website Playstation Trophies is claiming that a source within the company has informed them that Universe was originally one single game that has now been split into a Mass Effect-style trilogy.

Deus Ex: The Fall releasing one week early, now due March 18th

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Square Enix are releasing N-Fusion and Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: The Fall ahead of schedule. The new date for the stealth action RPG is one week earlier on March 18th, as opposed to March 25th.

Pre-orders of The Fall are given the original PC classic Deus Ex game for free. I'm sure this earlier release had nothing to do with a demonic action-RPG debuting on the 25th?

Deus Ex: The Fall coming to PC on Steam March 25th

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Square Enix is releasing their mobile game Deus Ex: The Fall for PC, with all in-game purchases purged and numerous updates to bring it up-to-code for a desktop release. The Steam version is out March 25th.

The Fall follows events directly after the novel The Icarus Effect. Former SAS man Ben Saxon is on the warpath to uncover the conspiracy behind human augmentation. The Fall is priced at £7.99.

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