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Stay Awhile and Listen author reveals 'Diablo in space' project that almost was

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Blizzard had other galactic plans in motion outside of StarCraft, reveals Stay Awhile and Listen author David Craddock, whose book explores former devs time at Blizzard Entertainment.

The studio split into two teams after Diablo 2, reveals Craddock, and one "started and scrapped" many ideas. Someone came up with a Diablo sci-fi clone, codenamed 'Starblo'.

Dev: Diablo II's Hardcore mode was nearly included in original Diablo

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Stay Awhile and Listen is an unauthorized book by David Craddock which has been four years in the making. The book covers interviews of nearly 80 former Blizzard employees, including Condor (which became Blizzard North), and Silicon & Synapse (Blizzard's original name), as well as those who had regular contact with Blizzard bigwigs.

Diablo III's Wilson on former Diablo dev's mixed feelings on game: "F--k that loser"

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An interesting insight into the office politics of Blizzard has arisen with the reaction of Blizzard South members to former Blizzard North and Diablo II developer David Brevik in an interview with Inc Gamers.

Diablo III has "way more quest content" than Diablo 2, "period"

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Blizzard's Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens for Diablo III has talked up the action-RPG's love of randomisation and how it keeps things fresh and spontaneous.

There are by default "way more quests" than Diablo II ever had, including in variety. All over the game world there are "random elements" to discover and loot.