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In Don't Starve Together, your deceased friends will turn into ghosts

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Klei's survival game Don't Starve is shortly to get its own integrated multiplayer co-operative mode, Don't Starve Together.

Here's a trailer showing off the prototype version. Fittingly for such an amusingly dark game, dead players will turn into ghosts who can either float around irritating their former allies or resurrect by finding one of the unpleasant-sounding "meat effigies" scattered around the map.

Don't Starve multiplayer mode coming Summer 2014

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Despite initial indications from developers Klei Entertainment that Don't Starve would be a singleplayer-only title, the team has now announced that their wilderness survival game will indeed be getting a multiplayer mode this Summer.

Don't Starve: Reign of Giants expansion out now

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Klei Entertainment's survival game Don't Starve has received its first expansion pack, Reign of Giants, today. The DLC adds new enemies, new inventions, two new characters, weather types and yes, lots of giants.

Don't Starve video teases new DLC

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Popular indie title Don't Starve is to get a new DLC package, titled Reign of Giants. In the new "Autumn Teaser" video, there's brief glimpse at a snarling monster and a promise that the DLC is coming soon.

Don't Starve gets Steam Workshop support

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Valve has announced that Klei's wilderness survival sim, Don't Starve, will now have Steam Workshop support, which will allows players to find and install mods directly through Steam.