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Red Thread release official trailer for Dreamfall Chapters Book Two

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The new official trailer that was promised by developer Red Thread Games is here finally for Book Two of Dreamfall Chapters, the episodic adventure. The next episode will be launching in a couple of weeks on March 10th.

The new trailer is full of snippets from the next Book called Rebels. In Dreamfall Chapters we control two different characters that live in parallel universes; one cyberpunk and the other fantasy.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels dated March 10th

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Yet more dates are being crammed into our calendars and this time it's Dreamfall Chapters' next episode, which is 'Book Two: Rebels' and continues where the first left off with Kian Alvane and Zoe Castillo in their own worlds.

There's a whole new city to explore with Rebels and so we'll be traipsing around Marcuria. A new trailer teasing Book Two is expected next week. Five books are planned for Dreamfall Chapters.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two "coming soon," trailer teases second episode

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Red Thread Games has just released an announcement trailer for Book Two of their episodic adventure Dreamfall Chapters. While there's no hard date yet the studio promises it's "coming soon!"

The trailer, summing up the series, also has brief glimpses of Book Two in action which is titled 'Rebels'. Dreamfall Chapters is a collision of two worlds embodying science and magic.

After eight years, the next chapter in the Dreamfall saga has been released‏

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The eight year wait for the next entry in the Dreamfall series is over - Book One of Dreamfall Chapters is available now. This is the first of five episodes continuing the story of twin worlds Stark and Arcadia.

You can grab the full game on Steam, which will eventually give you access to all five episodes. Hopefully the gap between them won't be quite as long this time.

Dreamfall Chapters' Red Thread Games teases Draugen, first-person horror

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Ragnar Tørnquist of developer Red Thread Games has teased their first-person horror game, which they describe as "HP Lovecraft meets Dostoyevsky," or perhaps, "Gone Home meets Amnesia." They call it Draugen.

Red Thread is busy developing Dreamfall Chapters, the sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Tørnquist created the series, as well as The Secret World and Anarchy Online.

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