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Dungeon Keeper: In Loving Memory Of

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Turn that frown upside-down as we celebrate the past, present and future of Dungeon Keeper.

GOG.com celebrates Valentines with free Dungeon Keeper, up to 90% off games

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Feel your heart swell this Valentine's Day by surrounding it with gold, as impish minions carve out the very earth around it. GOG.com is running a special lovery dovey sale this weekend with up to 90% off games.

They're giving Bullfrog's classic Dungeon Keeper away for free - the only actual free-to-play one in existence. They'll be running a promotion all weekend for games built for two.

GDC 2012: Minecraft creator thinks Dungeon Keeper 3 would be "fun"

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Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has admitted at the recent Game Developers Conference 2012 that he would love to see Dungeon Keeper 3 get developed, stating it would be "fun".

Lionhead's Fable technical director leaves to form new studio

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Simon Carter, co-founder of Lionhead's Big Blue Box, has ended his time with the Microsoft owned studio after 10 years having helped create Fable.

It was a "very difficult" decision but there are "lots of new opportunities to pursue." Carter was also technical lead for Dungeon Keeper and part of Bullfrog.

EA "very cognisant of our past," haven't forgotten classic IP gems

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EA Games label supremo Frank Gibeau swears they haven't got a selective memory when it comes to their catalogue, they remember the old franchises well.

They do "look at that stuff" from time to time, judging if it'd be right to bring it back. Have to be careful with things that look "nicer in the rear view mirror" he warns.

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