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When there’s no more room in hell, Dead Island will get parkour.

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Dying Light to receive "several free content updates" in future, Hard Mode announced

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Techland has heard the cries of the Dying Light community, and pledge to make zombies tougher, the night-time scarier, and resources thin on the ground. This new Hard Mode is planned for around the start of March.

There are "plenty of other additions" coming too when it comes to ratcheting up the difficulty. Techland also say there are "many improvements" in the first content update, and new character outfits.

Dying Light Season Pass contents revealed, first piece released adds "challenge missions"

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Techland has disclosed the contents of the Dying Light Season Pass, which includes three content packs. The first has been released and it's the "exclusive" Cuisine and Cargo challenge missions, expanding Harran a little.

Additional weapons and skins are also in the works with the Ultimate Survival Bundle, due out in March. Then there's the new competitive mode The Bozak Horde which will launch in May.

New 'Game Ready' drivers released for GeForce, specifically targets Evolve with GameWorks later

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Nvidia has released the latest 'Game Ready' drivers for GeForce GPUs - the 347.52 WHQL Driver - which promises to be "Game Ready For Evolve", the new 4 vs. 1 shooter from developer Turtle Rock.

The 'Game Ready' releases typically contain "performance optimisations, tweaks, and profiles" for various titles, mostly new releases. Dying Light's SLI profile has been updated.

Techland working on "free and extensive modding tools" for Dying Light

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Now that Dying Light is once again embracing 'common tweaks' after Techland reversed an earlier patch that blocked all modifications, the studio wants to go a step further in promoting modders.

They've announced "free and extensive modding tools" are in the works, and Techland would very much like input from the modding community in a special new area on their official Dying Light forums.

ESA says Dying Light mod DMCA notices “should not have been sent”

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The Entertainment Software Association says that DMCA takedown orders issued to the creators of Dying Light mods were a mistake, and should not have been sent.

Apparently the notices were sent by a third-party affiliate of the ESA rather than the organisation itself.

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