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When there’s no more room in hell, Dead Island will get parkour.

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Techland gives gamers a Dying Light Halloween message

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Techland has released a new Dying Light trailer with a Halloween Season's Greetings, reminding gamers "Not everything that goes bump in the night on Halloween is something horrible." In addition, the developer is giving Dying Light a 50% sale to celebrate the holiday.

Dying Light: The Following is coming in the first quarter of 2016

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Techland has just announced... a release window for its upcoming expansion Dying Light: The Following - it'll ship sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

For some reason it seems a bit odd to me make a big announcement about roughly when you're releasing a game, rather than when you have an exact date locked down. But hey, Dying Light was fun, and The Following looks set to add a nice dose of variety to its zombie-pulping gameplay, so who cares?

Second Dying Light mod contest open, nominated mods are available to download on Steam

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The second Dying Light Dev Tools contest is now open, and players can download all five entries to see if they agree with the development team's choices.

Efforts include a replica of the Winchester pub from the excellent Shaun of the Dead, a journey through a man's dreams, and a spin on the horror house seen in P.T.

Techland isn't ready to discuss a release date for Dying Light: The Following, says "this thing is massive"

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Techland has slowly begun to reveal more about The Following, the ambitious wilderness expansion pack for its open world zombie game Dying Light, but the studio's not ready to start talking about a potential release date just yet.

In a Twitter post addressed to fans, the developer explains that the "massive" size of the expansion means they need a bit more time to get it whipped into shape.

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