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Techland offers Dying Light's 'Be the Zombie' mode pre-order DLC for free on all platforms

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To make up for a delay in the physical release of its open world zombie game Dying Light, Techland is offering the game's pre-order DLC 'Be the Zombie' for free to all customers on all platforms.

The mode allows one player to take on the role of a super-powered undead predator, invading other players' game worlds to hunt down and slaughter them. Hunted players can team up to take down the offending invader.

Parkour founder David Belle was a consultant on Dying Light

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If you're going to base your entire game around a parkour movement system, you probably want someone on board who knows how to do it.

That's why Dying Light developer Techland hired parkour legend David Belle as a consultant on the open world zombie game, in order to make the game's acrobatic movement as believable as possible.

Physical sales of Dying Light delayed, digital downloads not affected

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Physical sales of Techland's zombie parkour game (writing that still seems weird) Dying Light will suffer a slight delay outside of the US, not hitting the developer's January 27 target.

Techland didn't comment on the specifics behind the delay, simply saying “physical production has a longer lead time than digital.”

Ampisound and Techland release live-action 'Dying Light Parkour POV' video

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You may remember that quite excellent live-action Mirror's Edge POV viral hit sensation a while back? Now, Dying Light developer Techland and parkour hoodlums Ampisound have teamed up.

The new live-action 'Dying Light Parkour POV' is exactly what it says on the tin, with its action inspired by the "intense in-game pursuits" we'll be on the receiving end later this month.

Techland releases first in-game footage of Dying Light's 'Be the Zombie' mode

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Dying Light is on the way this month, and Techland is gearing up releasing even more gameplay footage. Seriously, I feel like I've played through about half the game already. Under the spotlight this time is the game's pre-order only 'Be the Zombie' DLC.

In which you... be the zombie. Well, not really actually, you're more like a kind of super-speedy monster with x-ray vision that uses some kind of nasty tentacle thing to choke people to death.

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