Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person, action survival horror game set in a vast and dangerous open world.
EU & US Release date: 27 Jan, 2015
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When there’s no more room in hell, Dead Island will get parkour.

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Dying Light: The Following announced by Techland, "bold game-changers to create one massive expansion"

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The previously teased vehicle-based content for Dying Light has now been officially named as an expansion. Dying Light: The Following will have "bold game-changers" with an all-new map rivalling all previous maps combined.

The expansion is included as part of the Season Pass and features plenty of vehicles, open environments and a story-focused campaign. It will be at Gamescom next week with a full reveal due not long after.

Techland tease vehicle with new trailer for Dying Light, celebrates '180 days of content'

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There may be some vehicle-based content lined-up for Dying Light as the closing of a new trailer from Techland shows a rigged up buggy and some open countryside. It's teased in a video montaging all content so far.

It goes through the big collection of new weapons, character skins, improved game modes and of course the harder difficulty, as well as the Season Passes bigger drops like The Bozak Horde.

Techland unveil 'Summer with Dying Light', offers "one-time only events" for six specific weekends starting July 4th

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A campaign of horror will beset the Dying Light community as Techland have announced 'Summer with Dying Light', which consists of "six specific weekends" that will host "varied one-time only events" to ramp up the fun.

Beginning this weekend for July 4-5 is Spider-Crane, which bestows "unlimited grappling hook shots" and virtually no fall damage. Still ongoing right now is the #DrinkforDLC promotion, which started as a spoof.

Techland "jumping on the latest trend" with new drink-based DLC promotion for Dying Light

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Developer Techland feel Activision and Bungie are onto something with their latest Red Bull energy drink marketing promotion, where buying select cans unlock exclusive quests and XP boosts in console-only Destiny.

The Dying Light studio however has backed a rival. They're teaming up with the "real king of hydration" and want us chugging back glasses of water. They've started #DrinkRightDyingLight and #DrinkForDLC.

Techland's arena-style DLC 'The Bozak Horde' out May 26th for Dying Light

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The Harran Stadium is opening up to players in The Bozak Horde DLC for Dying Light by the end of the month. This new content will provide players with "twisted challenges" cooked up by the psychopath Bozak.

It's ideally for co-op teams to take on but can be completed solo. Should we survive the Bozak Horde then the "ultimate stealth weapon" will be ours - the compound hunting bow.

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