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Dying Light designer: we had to step back from becoming too much like Dead Island

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After splitting from publisher Deep Silver and losing the Dead Island license, Techland had to come up with some new ideas to set its upcoming zombie survival game Dying Light apart.

As lead designer Maciej Binkowski explained to Strategy Informer in a recent interview, that wasn't always an easy process; "I'll tell you, there were times we had to step back and say “this is too much like Dead Island"," he admitted.

New trailer shows off Dying Light's 'Be the Zombie' MP mode

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If you've been wondering how Dying Light's pre-order multiplayer 'Be the Zombie' mode works, a new video from developer Techland offers some answers.

Basically, it looks a bit like a zombie version of Evolve. If you own the DLC you can invade other players' games as a super-powerful undead monster, hunt them down and eat their faces.

Techland's Dying Light brought foward, now releasing January 27th 2015

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The original window of February 2015 for Dying Light is no more as Techland's official twitter for the game reveals a picture with 'Jan 27th 2015' scrawled across it, surrounded by supplies.

It's not the date for an early demo either, as they confirm it is indeed the full release. Dying Light builds on the success of Dead Island, but is radically improved especially in player mobility.

Dying Light developers explain their 'Natural Movement' system

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Developer Techland has released a new video explaining how its parkour-style 'Natural Movement' system will work in city-crossing zombie game Dying Light.

The idea is to capture that fast-flowing Mirror's Edge feel, with the added appeal of zipping past awkward, lumbering zombies before they can react. Undead idiots.

Dying Light Gamescom trailer reveals four player co-op

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Techland is trying to perfect the art of zombie-smashing in Dying Light after the promising but not-actually-all-that-fun Dead Island. The big new innovation is - lots and lots of jumping about.

The developer has released a new trailer ahead of Gamescom that shows off the game's strange mix of Assassin's Creed-style parkour acrobatics and gory melee combat, and reveals the existence of a four-player co-op mode.

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