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Dying Light Review

When there’s no more room in hell, Dead Island will get parkour.

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Dying Light devs pledge another year of support

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I was absolutely shocked by how much I enjoyed Dying Light last year. It’s an open-world zombie game! Three out of every four titles released these days are open-world zombie games! Yet its unique take on parkour survival meant that it hit for me in a way similar titles didn’t.

Nightmare Mode in The Following expansion to Dying Light brings the pain

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So, has Dying Light become too easy? Techland has announced one of the upcoming features of Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition: the Nightmare mode, which "restricts overpowered Easter Egg weapons, introduces XP penalties for dying, ramps up the difficulty of enemies, and more."

Techland expanding Dying Light's dev tools to include co-op and deathmatch play

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Techland has announced that the developer tools for the game have been expanded so modders can now make their own multiplayer maps including co-op and deathmatching gameplay modes. The update is free.

Mirror's Edge duplicated in Dying Light mod

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Steam user Elimina has painstakingly recreated the entire first level of Mirror's Edge in Dying Light, which makes a lot of sense, since both games heavily rely on parkour, though replacing trigger-happy security with flesh devouring zombies.

Techland gives gamers a Dying Light Halloween message

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Techland has released a new Dying Light trailer with a Halloween Season's Greetings, reminding gamers "Not everything that goes bump in the night on Halloween is something horrible." In addition, the developer is giving Dying Light a 50% sale to celebrate the holiday.

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