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Techland release interactive 'Test Your Survival Skills' video for Dying Light

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An excellent new video post from Techland lets us enjoy a mini interactive adventure in Dying Light, the upcoming dropkick-a-zombie-from-a-rooftop survival action game from the creator of Dead Island.

This new video is over 25 minutes long but cuts short because of the choices we make along the way. The first-person zombie slayer is set in a vast open world where night turns the tables on us.

Watch over an hour of Techland's Dying Light in action

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Techland has been more than happy to show off its open world zombie-smashing action game Dying Light already, but here's some good news if your taste for gore is not quite sated.

The studio has released an extended walkthrough series in five parts, detailing the introductory prologue and some of the basic mechanics.

Dying Light will feature Oculus Rift support, lead designer confirms

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Given that you spend most of your time in Dying Light hurtling across rooftops and jumping across zombie-filled chasms, it seems like a natural fit for the Oculus Rift and VR in general. If you don't mind a bit of motion sickness.

So it's not surprising to hear Techland's lead designer Maciej Binkowski confirm that the game will support the RIft upon launch, though there's still some work to do to get it ready.

Techland reveals new levels, weapons and outfits are on the way in the Dying Light Season Pass

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Techland has detailed the Dying Light Season Pass, revealing the three pieces of unique content that will be added to the open world zombie game.

You'll net two new missions, set in a restaurant and an abandoned rail-yard, seven in-game items including clothing and weapon blueprints, and a new section of the city map.

Techland "definitely going to support" Oculus Rift with Dying LIght

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Upcoming zombie survivor Dying Light from Dead Island creator Techland is super enthused by the virtual reality headgear of Oculus Rift, and admits there's still stuff they "need to adapt" to get it right.

Dying Light would be quite the head trip given its first-person free-running and zombie hordes. Camera issues are the biggest hurdle, reveals Techland, but they'll be 'ready' when it launches.

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