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Edge of Space launches biggest Early Access content update yet

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Early Access sci-fi action craft 'em up Edge of Space has just received a new update, which developer Handyman Studios claims is the "biggest the game has ever received."

Glancing over the updates notes, that's not at all surprising. You'll find 18 new armor sets, 16 weapon schematics, a bunch of new creatures and pets, and reworked research and death systems, amongst other additions.

Edge of Space gets Multiplayer and Training Mode on Steam Early Access

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Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically generated sandbox survival-adventure game that is currently available for £7.99 on Steam Early Access, and is being developed by a small indie team called Handyman Studios.

Edge of Space now available through Steam Early Access for $12

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Handyman Studios' Edge of Space, which was Greenlit, can now be bought through the Early Access section of Steam for $12. There's a 'First Responder Armor' bonus set for those who snap it up.

Having crashed on a hostile world we, as an ArkCo operative, must use the planet's resources in order to survive. Our mission? Terraform everything. Handyman promise "continual post-launch updates".

Three more Greenlit titles announced for Steam

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The community has voted and Valve is ready to see three more titles graduate Steam's Greenlight process. This is a small batch of community-approved games getting through as others have been much larger.

So what will be making its way to Steam? Edge of Space, Venetica and "dystopian document thriller" Papers, Please. Valve are going to Greenlight in smaller batches to "move more quickly."

"Terraria in space" title Edge of Space shows off cinematic teaser

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Edge of Space, which can best be generally described as "Terraria in space" has a new cinematic teaser trailer. The game allows players to "build, create, mold, and fight to survive in the deepest, darkest, weirdest, and possibly most interesting part of the universe."

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