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Euro Truck Simulator 2's Scandinavia DLC releasing May 7th

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The life on the open Scandinavian roads will be arriving next month for Euro Truck Simulator 2. A whole bunch of cities and stretching infrastructure will be added May 7th, proving there's more North than we thought.

A new teaser was released by developer SCS Software just last week. There's certainly plenty of truckin' eye candy to be had. The driving sim has proven a surprising hit thanks to its 'tranquillity'.

Euro Truck Simulator 2's Scandinavia DLC in "final production stages"

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Developer SCS Software has just released new teasing shots of the upcoming Scandinavia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The team still needs to "tweak it, and optimize it" before it’s ready for the masses.

The images are of the Swedish city of Kalmar, which expands on the simulator's haulage conquest for all Europe. The game's Going East expansion added a number of countries, like Poland and the Czech Republic.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 hops on Oculus Rift bandwagon, adds beta support

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Czech developer SCS Software has revealed that the studio has added beta support for Oculus Rift for their truck sim Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Go East expansion announced

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The world of simulated truck driving cried out for more 'East' and so Excalibur Publishing announces Euro Truck Simulator 2 Go East is a thing. They also unveil Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold - which way is that?

Gold includes the original and add-on in a single haulable package. 13 new cities are added with Go East, spanning across Poland, Czech Republic and other 'East' places.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets major update

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SCS Software's trucking sim, Euro Truck Simulator 2, has gotten a major update that mostly fixes the game's coding, as well as some glitches and bugs. In terms of gameplay, gamers will be happy to know that the A2 highway has been completed, with all the tollbooths intact.

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