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Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense fundamentally alters relationships with subject states

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The newest developer diary for Europa Universalis IV is "so large that it is spread over two weeks", but today we get the first look at how the new upcoming expansion - Common Sense - dramatically alters the landscape.

Paradox Development Studios reveals we'll have interactions with our subject states like never before, ranging from enforcing culture and religion to installing our dynasty on their throne, or supporting loyalists.

Holy Roman Empire changes discussed in new Europa Universalis IV dev diary

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Unfortunately we don't get the beans spilled on the new 'Subject Interaction' feature teased for the Common Sense expansion for Europa Universalis IV, as we have to wait until Paradox Development Studio has finished the new UI.

This developer diary instead looks at the changes coming to the Holy Roman Empire, and more specifically how Imperial Authority and Reforms are handled. Ticking values will now decide if Authority is on the rise or not.

Humble Paradox Bundle with over $200 "worth of awesome stuff"

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Paradox Interactive and Humble Bundle have proposed a royal marriage and accepted an alliance as they bring us the Humble Paradox Bundle with over $200 in gaming goodness.

War of the Roses, Magicka, Knights of Pen and Paper, Victoria II and more are just a few dollars away in this 'pay what you want' charity drive. Over $5.14 gets you Hearts of Iron III, Crusader Kings II and Impire.

Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense expansion "adds depth to domestic rule", due June 9th

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Paradox Development Studios has just announced Common Sense is the latest expansion to Europa Universalis IV, and it will be 'adding depth' to domestic issues from government to religion, and changing diplomacy.

Parliaments will become tools to wield in getting new laws through, and Protestant kingdoms get national churches. A new "provincial development system" also limits build space by terrain and value.

Europa Universalis IV to expand on religious mechanics, Protestanstism gains aspects and Church Power

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Paradox Development Studio is working on the next expansion to Europa Universalis IV and they're keeping it holy. The team will be deepening the religious mechanics to significantly overhaul their impact and meaning.

Protestanstism for example can be customised by 3 aspects by spending Church Power that accumulates. It also lets each nation name their own church, "like Church of England and so on."

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