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Europa Universalis IV Summary


Europa Universalis IV Review

Ahistory at its finest.

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Paradox Interactive releases information on Europa Universalis IV Patch 1.16

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With the release of Europa Universalis IV's next expansion - Mare Nostrum - coming tomorrow afternoon, Paradox Interactive has revealed the full patchnotes for v1.16, which adds a bunch of free content to the grand strategy game.

We won't give you the full changelog because it's absolutely huge, but we can tell you that the Patch will add a new religion called Fetishist, which is a Pagan religion that's unique to Africa. There's new mapmodes, national ideas, 15 achievements, AI tweaks and more...

Paradox devs discuss bringing women into grand strategy

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Video games have produced, by and large, a male-dominated subculture. The ESA reminds you every year that roughly half of game players are female, but that’s speaking of games in a very broad sense that covers the mobile and social markets. Certainly in terms of traditional gaming, and in online communities, diversity is the exception rather than the rule.

The Cossacks expansion released for Europa Universalis IV alongside 1.14 patch

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Paradox Interactive has announced that not only is the sixth major expansion for Europa Univeralis IV, The Cossacks, now available, but the game is getting a new 1.14 update as well.

The Cossacks expansion for Europa Universalis IV gets 1 December 2015 release date

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Paradox Interactive has announced that The Cossacks expansion for Europa Universalis IV will be invading on 1 December 2015. The expansion revolves around the Ukrainian semi-nomadic peoples who played a role in Russian history.

Europa Universalis IV's latest expansion is all about the Cossacks

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Europa Universalis IV is set to get another content-heavy expansion soon, and the fact that it's going to be called The Cossacks is something of a clue as to what it will be based around.

The Cossacks were the mostly Slavic warrior tribes that protected the borders and wilderness of Russia for hundreds of years. Their skilled horsemanship and militarised society made them invaluable soldiers for the Russian Empire up until the 20th century.

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