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Europa Universalis IV Summary


Europa Universalis IV Review

Ahistory at its finest.

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Paradox Is Planning A New Reveal For This Year's GDC - Promises Stellaris And Europa Universalis News

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Paradox Interactive are usually pretty open with their customers. Essentially hosting their stockholder meetings on Twitch to act as impromptu questions and answers sessions multiple times a year, they certainly wouldn't sit out something as open as the Game Developers Conference.

Paradox Interactive's Stockholme Convention 'PDX CON' Opens To The Public In May

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If you're around Stockholme in May, look out for another remastering - in physical form this time. The 2017 PDX CON is open to the public for the first time!

Europa Univeralis IV Patch Notes - 1.19

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When it comes to strategy titles - or just PC titles as a whole, these days - there's always work to be done post release. A 1.0 version typically indicates a product shipped to the consumer in a fully fleshed-out and finished state. But when it comes to a strategy game, it's typically only the beginning.

EU4 Development Diary Shows Off UI Improvements

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The upcoming 'Denmark 1.19 update for grand strategy Europa Universalis IV is set to feature several major user interface improvements as showcased by Paradox Interactive in the latest developer diary.

Europa Universalis Patch 1.19 - Everything We know

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Europa Universalis IV is soon set to receive a fairly game changing update in the form of the new 1.19 patch. One of the major changes to the game will be how the Fort and Zone of Control mechanics work.

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