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Paradox announce El Dorado expansion for Europa Universalis IV, out in February

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Long-lost cities of gold in the Americas? Paradox Interactive have just announced a new expansion for Europa Universalis IV, and it's called El Dorado. The Nation Designer is the "centerpiece".

We can start our own custom nation, picking our capital, select our neighbouring provinces, modify our culture, pick a leader and then march to conquest. El Dorado focuses on the New World for decisions and events.

Paradox Store begins seasonal sale, discounts up to 80% and new merchandise section

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Paradox Interactive has announced some mega seasonal savings on now being offered through their Paradox Store, with some of their catalogue gems being slashed by 80%. There's also the new 'merch' section.

Yes, Paradox aren't content with peddling just digital wares as they now want our homes packed full of mousepads and t-shirts. This merchandise is all themed around major games like Europa Universalis.

EUIV expansion Art of War released, along with free update patch‏

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Paradox has released Art of War, the latest DLC pack for Europa Universalis IV. According to the developer the content pack "could be the largest expansion DLC in Paradox history." Which is bloody exciting.

As always, Paradox are doing their level best to confuse me by also adding a free 1.8 update alongside the expansion, which adds some additional improvements and fixes.

Europa Universalis 4: Art of War expansion coming this October 30

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Art of War, the latest expansion for grand strategy titan Europa Universalis 4, will be out at the end of the month, developer Paradox Interactive has confirmed.

You can check out the latest changes to EU4 in this new developer diary, presented by project lead Martin Anward.

Latest Europa Universalis IV dev diary on Art of War's diplomacy and catholics

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Paradox Development Studios is crafting their latest mini-expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It's called the Art of War and significantly alters the main game. This latest dev diary gets all diplomatic.

We'll now be able to declare war on a nation in support of rebels, or even our vassal's casus bellis, and losers in a conflict can now be made to pay war reparations throughout the truce.

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