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Paradox announce the "universally celebrated" Chirpy from Cities: Skylines coming to Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron

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In an obvious move to pander to the popular crowd, Paradox Development Studios will be adopting the Chirpy bird from Colossal Order's Cities: Skylines.

Chirpy will bring us round the clock chirps from medieval and war-time Europe, condensing critical information that could sway whole civilisations in 140 characters or less. #lifesaver

Europa Universalis IV's latest update features 100 great women of history

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Europa Universalis IV has received a new update that adds events, portraits and advisors celebrating one hundred great women throughout history.

Expect new events tied in to the lives and achievements of Catherine the Great, La Malinche, Elizabeth I, Caterina Sforza and others.

Europa Universalis IV is free to play on Steam this weekend

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If you've always wanted to give Paradox's grand strategy Goliath Europa Universalis IV a go, but you've maybe felt a little intimidated by the sheer scale of the thing, here's a chance to try it out before you buy.

From now through Sunday 1PM PT you can download and play the game for free on Steam. Should you like what you find, you'll be able to grab the game for a 75% discount during the same period.

Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado launching today alongside free content patch

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Paradox Interactive will today be setting sailing for the lost cities of Gold as they release the El Dorado expansion to Europa Universalis IV. Accompanying the new DLC is an all-new free content patch.

El Dorado features a new exploration system, new religions for Central and South American tribes, a change to vassal and subject relations, and a Nation Designer for custom world states.

Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado features highlighted in new trailer

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The team behind Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado, which releases in two days, have just published a new 'Developer Feature Spotlight' video for the upcoming expansion. Exactly what do we get?

This 7 minute segment explains El Dorado's impact on Central and South America, as well as the wider implications for the grand strategy. Nation Designer empowers truly custom game worlds.

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