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Paradox 'may tweak' Europa Universalis IV's Random New World generation, to fill up 'Mt. Doom in Tibet'

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A new developer diary today for Europa Universalis IV reveals the quite popular Random New World mechanic is being looked at again. The team may change it as there's something "just off about it."

Paradox Development Studio also acknowledges that Hotjoin "is still broken," and they're working to fix it. Also, Sauron and his hordes are getting evicted from 'Mt. Doom in Tibet' as high altitude lakes will now be possible.

Europa Universalis IV now with Common Sense

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Today is the day Common Sense prevails as Paradox Interactive has released the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV. With it comes the big 1.12 patch and several free features for those unmoved by sense that is common.

The new add-on is priced at £10.99 and includes new religious mechanics, and a shake-up for Theocracies, greater interactions with subject states, parliamentary systems and other big overhauls.

Europa Universalis IV's 1.12 patch detailed in full, confirms "Free Features"

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Paradox Interactive have published the long list of patch 1.12 for grand strategy Europa Universalis IV ahead of tomorrow's release of said patch, and the Common Sense expansion. It reveals what "Free Features" everybody gets.

Some of these additions are necessary, like the significant overhaul to the province building system which is now tied to development level. Fish "no longer reduces unrest". Everybody revolt!

Europa Universalis IV's 'last dev diary' posted before Common Sense and patch 1.12 next week

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Paradox Development Studios has just set off an avalanche of words in their "last development diary" before the arrival of the Common Sense expansion for Europa Universalis IV next week, and before patch 1.12.

There's quite a bit to digest in this new diary, like tweaks to technology, gold mines 'suffering depletion', better economics for minor nations, changes to the new fort system, and significant map changes.

Paradox unveil more Common Sense in latest Europa Universalis IV dev diary, expansion out June 9th

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The latest developer diary from Paradox Development Studio is here for the upcoming Common Sense expansion to Europa Universalis IV, and it's focusing on Colonial Nations and Protectorates this time around.

Even more 'subject interaction' is revealed like being able to rename our colonial nations, ending the curse of ye olde spelling erorrs. We can replace their governors too, and tell them to start a colonial war!

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