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Europa Universalis: Rome likes to you give you plenty to think about aside from just what province is next on your shopping list.

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Terrain "truly matters in this game," says Tease #4 for Paradox's Project Augustus - "NOT a cold-war game"

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A tiny bit more of Paradox Interactive's teaser campaign has exposed itself and this time we're told "terrain truly matters in this game," which fits basically every grand strategy that Paradox Development Studio has worked on.

Reading a little more into though it might be referring to armies far more susceptible to terrain differences, like those in the ancient eras? Maybe. It's definitely "NOT a cold-war game" though.

Teaser #3 for Paradox' Interactive's Project Augustus says "there will be no stabbing of pigs"

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It's Monday and that means we're one step closer to Gamescom in August and the unveiling of Paradox Development Studio's secret-but-not-too-secret Project Augustus. Today also means it's time for Teaser #3.

The last tease told us that "Seven and Three are important numbers," but now we learn "there will be no stabbing of pigs." It seems porcine sacrifices are out of the question.

Paradox forums reveal "upcoming games" Project Nero and Project Armstrong

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Paradox Interactive has updated their community forums to include two new avenues of thought exchange for something called Project Nero and another called Project Armstrong; these are "upcoming games".

Whatever these projects are we'll be learning more about them Thursday, January 23rd at this year's Paradox Convention. Nero could be Rome related while Armstrong sounds all rocket ship.

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