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New EVE Online trailer is a celebration of operatic space conflict

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To call EVE Online a video game seems almost laughably simplistic, considering the sheer scale of treachery, corporate espionage and pure, glorious space violence that occurs within its virtual borders.

Despite grovelling every now and then as a news story of another mass battle or long con game breaks, I've never been able to make the commitment and get into CCP's space MMO. This new trailer really makes me want to.

CCP Games release Phoebe update for EVE Online, shakes up "notorious" player-controlled space

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Major changes are in in effect with the Phoebe update now unleashed upon the single shard universe of EVE Online. Developer CPP Games has changed force projection, meaning player-controlled space is due a shake-up.

Jump portals have been addressed, changing the way massive starships move across the galaxy, with 'jump fatigue' now something to consider. Alliances and coalitions are now more vital than ever.

CCP Games' Worlds Within a World monument defaced, pursuing legal action

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The 16ft Worlds Within a World sculpture that was erected in Reykjavik, Iceland last week has been the target of vandalism, with EVE Online developer CCP Games calling it an "insult to the entire community".

EVE Online user Xenuria had their name defaced. CCP regard the incident as "absolutely disgusting," and now threaten action within the community "along with any legal action".

CCP cancel World of Darkness MMO, "our efforts were falling regretfully short"

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EVE Online developer CCP has announced that their vampire and generally supernatural MMO World of Darkness is to be no more. The project is officially cancelled with 56 staff laid off at the Atlanta studio.

This has been "one of the hardest" decisions for CCP's Hilmar Veigar Petursson, he said. In the end they were "falling regretfully short" of their vision for World of Darkness.

EVE: Valkyrie to continue with Oculus VR, Facebook deal gives "more freedom"

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In the wake of Mojang scrapping their Oculus Rift project for Minecraft, CCP Games has said they will be sticking with their "colleagues at Oculus" for EVE: Valkyrie.

Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey took to Reddit last night answering concerned users. They affirmed you "will not need a Facebook account" to use it, or develop for it. Liked.

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