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CCP Games explain concept of "new sovereignty system" in EVE Online with Aegis update

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Nullsec space has always been 'open season' for players in EVE Online but the way things change hands is shifting with the 'final part' of the Aegis update from CCP Games. A video explains the newly crowned sovereignty system.

It's a "much more dynamic" way for players to battle for territory, and "offers more opportunities" for smaller fish to play larger roles in attack or defence.

E3 2015: CCP Games post 'Gameplay B-Roll' footage of EVE: Valkyrie

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Dog-fighting in the EVE Online universe is getting closer as CCP Games has taken EVE: Valkyrie to E3 this week, and the Icelandic developer has posted some tasty gameplay footage. Valkyrie will fully support VR.

Specifically CCP is working with the Oculus Rift peripheral for their team-based dog-fighter in space. EVE: Valkyrie is currently in development for PC (Oculus) and PlayStation 4 (Morpheus).

EVE Online's latest 'PLEX for GOOD' drive for Nepal Earthquake Relief

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CCP Games has announced they're starting up the 'PLEX for GOOD' drive system again from tonight so that EVE Online players can spend in-game PLEX on helping to secure real world relief funds for Nepal's displaced and injured.

Over 6,000 are now believed to have lost their lives in the recent earthquakes in Nepal, with over 130k homes destroyed. The United Nations calculate 3 million are in need of aid. The studio will match pledges by $15.

High definition textures coming to EVE Online this year

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EVE Online's set to get a little prettier later this year, when developer CCP adds some high definition textures to the space MMO.

The Icelandic firm announced the graphical upgrade during a keynote speech at this year's EVE Online FanFest 2015, where they also showed off space dog-fighting spin-off EVE: Valkyrie.

New gameplay footage from EVE: Valkyrie shown off by CCP

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To commemorate the start of its annual Fanfest celebration, EVE developer CCP gave a keynote address to update fans on the progress of their foray into VR gaming.

Clearly the highlight of the keynote though, was some absolutely incredible VR gameplay footage from EVE: Valkyrie, the company's space combat spin-off that exists within EVE universe.

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