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EVE Online is going free in November

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EVE Online, otherwise known as that insane game whose massive space battles, corporate espionage, and thriving in-game economy you hear about every six months, is about to go free-to-play. It’s a big step for a game that relies so heavily on the balance of its economy, and that means some big new features are on the way to help the transition make sense.

New EVE Online Citadel expansion allows players to build and destroy massive structures

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EVE Online has become such a different experience to other MMORPGs, it provides completely different elements that no other game can. With this new Citadel expansion, those elements are about to expand even further.

The biggest selling point of this new expansion is the ability to construct large structures designed to help you as you battle your way through space. The old Starbases are now irrelevant, now it’s all about Citadels. Citadels work as the headquarters for both individuals and corporations. They can be used as a point of offensive operations or simply used as a trade-hub. Whether you are a rich or poor EVE Online player, this update will impact you in a large way.

Citadel Expansion for Eve Online drops on 27th April

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CCP announced during this week's fanfest event in Iceland that the next expansion for Eve Online – Citadel – will be released on the 27th April.

Citadel introduces force auxiliary support ships, 100 new modules, capital superweapons, and it allows players to construct buildings.

Project Discover launches today, letting you play EVE Online for science

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CCP announced last year their intention to add a feature to EVE Online that would allow players to assist real life medical science. This update, called Project Discovery, is launching today.

DUST 514 shutting down on May 30th, new Eve shooter to be revealed April 21st

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DUST 514 was first announced back in 2009 for the PlayStation 3 as a first person shooter played in conjunction with the massively multiplayer space sim EVE Online, and its final build was launched in 2013. CCP has announced that DUST 514 will be shuttered on May 30th, 2016 with a new FPS being developed to replace it.

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