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High definition textures coming to EVE Online this year

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EVE Online's set to get a little prettier later this year, when developer CCP adds some high definition textures to the space MMO.

The Icelandic firm announced the graphical upgrade during a keynote speech at this year's EVE Online FanFest 2015, where they also showed off space dog-fighting spin-off EVE: Valkyrie.

New gameplay footage from EVE: Valkyrie shown off by CCP

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To commemorate the start of its annual Fanfest celebration, EVE developer CCP gave a keynote address to update fans on the progress of their foray into VR gaming.

Clearly the highlight of the keynote though, was some absolutely incredible VR gameplay footage from EVE: Valkyrie, the company's space combat spin-off that exists within EVE universe.

EVE Online gets some mysterious foes in new Tiamat update

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EVE Online has received another huge chunk of content in the form of free expansion Tiamat, which adds some new enemies in the form of the Drifters.

That's not all of course. Players will also find a new Destroyer-class vessel, new corporation tools, and a bunch of other technical and gameplay tweaks.

CCP Games discuss new player corporation changes coming to EVE Online February 17th

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Running a corporate empire can be difficult, especially where there are so many other corps out there looking to take you down. CCP Games has been surveying CEOs and directors in EVE Online to see what changes to make.

One new thing on the horizon is setting the 'legality' of friendly fire. This is designed to help curb less-than-cordial behaviour, although there's always a way to scheme a little revenge in EVE Online.

EVE Online gets even bigger with new Proteus update

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EVE Online has received a new update called Proteus, which is packed with new features and tweaks including redesigned ship classes and improved graphical effects.

For you jet-setting explorer types developer CCP has added a bunch of secret zones across the galaxy, each of which offers rare rewards if you manage to navigate its many traps and hazards.

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