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Codemasters: "PR guys are preparing PR stuff" and devs "getting builds ready"

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Codemasters is once again teasing new game project announcements and remark it's "like the calm before the storm this week," while developers are "getting builds ready," and the PR staff prep their 'PR stuff'.

New DiRT and GRID titles have been teased for a while by Codemasters and it seems they're almost ready to show something. There's also more Formula One on the way.

New F1 2013 DLC features 1990's and classic tracks packs

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Codemasters has announced two new downloadable content packs for their Formula One racing game F1 2013. The two DLC packs will be available for PC, Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

FIFA 14 keeps UK chart top, GTA V beats GTA IV lifetime sales

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While EA Sports' FIFA 14 may have kept the crown for another week in the UK all format chart, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V after just three weeks on sale has blown past lifetime sales of its predecessor.

The return to Los Santos has become the 12th biggest selling title, with revenue at 5th best just behind four Call of Dutys. Codemasters' F1 2013 debuted 3rd place with NBA 2K14 7th.

Codemasters "knit everything much more tightly together" with F1 2013 weather

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A storm's brewing - or is it? It could be. Codemasters have announced they're revising the weather system in F1 2013 with 'scenarios' that are randomly picked and are much longer at 4 hours.

This improves on the localised weather that had it raining on certain sections of track. Codemasters use "historical data" for weather on tracks based on the seasons.

Codemasters reveal full Classic Edition for F1 2013

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The previously announced 80s and 90s car and track content for F1 2013's Classic Edition has now been fully listed by Codemasters. 1980s Cars & Drivers and two tracks are offered to normal F1 2013 copies.

The 1990s Content is entirely exclusive to the Classic Edition, as is the Classic Tracks Pack adding Imola and Estoril. F1 2013 releases on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 October 4th in the UK.

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