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The revolution finally spreads to the PC...

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Lionhead working on 'non Fable-esque' projects

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Lionhead Studios boss John Needham has confirmed the developer is working on something that isn't Fable-related, although they're "not talking" about such a project yet. Could this be something new?

The studio definitely has Fable properties on the go with Fable Legends, and the Fable Anniversary re-release. Their other creations include Black & White, and The Movies.

List compiled of Games for Windows Live titles stripping client, others uncertain

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While Microsoft's Games for Windows Live client is in its death rows there are many futures left uncertain, like all those GFWL infested games still out there. What becomes of them once the beast is slain?

A list has been compiled by Joystiq on what's happening with various titles by publishers and studios. The future is bright for some, not so blinding for others.

Lionhead: Industry to be "pretty much 50-50" in gender split within 10 years

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Creative director Gary Carr from Lionhead Studios is pleased to see that studios are "at last getting the diversity we want" in applicants, as more females are applying to work in the games industry.

In fact Carr believes "it'll be pretty much 50-50" in around 10 years time. It's thanks to handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS that more girls are gaming. Carr doesn't want studios "full of blokes".

Games for Windows Live service terminating July 2014, will affect GFWL titles

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Microsoft's announcement of ending their Games for Windows Live Marketplace was welcomed almost with glee by the PC community, but now the many GFWL enabled titles are threatened.

As of July 2014, Microsoft will be ending the Games for Windows Live service. That means all GFWL titles (GTA IV, Batman) will lose features and possibly save data.

Lionhead after Unreal Engine devs for "reimagining existing franchises"

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Is another Fable on the horizon? Are we going to return to Albion, the land of golden breadcrumb following Heroes? It could be as job ads for Lionhead Studios seek developers experienced with Unreal Engine.

They specifically state these new employees would be an extra shoe in if they had knowledge of 'reimaging' established franchises. Reading between the lines it points heavily toward a new Fable.

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