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Get ready to break free from Vault 101 and explore the post-apocalyptic world of Capital Wasteland.

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That Fallout: Shadow of Boston trademark filing was a hoax‏

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This doesn't come as a huge surprise - Bethesda has officially confirmed that a recent trademark filing for a game called Fallout: Shadow of Boston was a hoax.

That title seemed to fit with documentation discovered by Kotaku last year suggesting a Boston setting for the next entry in the series, but it turns out fans eagerly anticipating Fallout 4 will have to wait a little longer.

RPG designer Josh Sawyer hopes for "bitter-sweet" victories in next Fallout

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Fallout: New Vegas lead designer and project director Josh Sawyer wants the 'road of agony' to continue with the next Fallout from Bethesda, saying he'd like to avoid the "black-and-white choice."

The post-apocalypse feels "more appropriate" when decisions are agonising, like we just got knifed. Sawyer points to Mad Max; even though he wins he 'just keeps wandering'.

Howard: It's "gonna be a while" before Bethesda announce next Fallout

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Bethesda game director Todd Howard has let slip that the studio isn't going to be making any Fallout-related reveals any time soon, as they're still figuring out "which of our ideas are going to stick" and when to talk.

Skyrim on PC did better "than we’ve ever done" by "a large, large number," enthused Howard, and the new consoles are very PC-like. This "opens up avenues" for new ambitions.

Fallout 3 to remove Games for Windows Live support and Steam DRM

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The slow death of Games for Windows Live continues, with Fallout 3 now abandoning the service. In a Steam patch released yesterday several lines of code supporting GFWL were removed.

Fallout catalogue removed from GOG after franchise control shifts to Bethesda

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The classic back catalogue of Fallout titles previously available on digital retailer GOG's website has been removed due to a rights issue originating from Bethesda's acquisition of the license.

A $2 million settlement was reached in January 2012 that gave Bethesda control of the franchise and all of its assets, with the transfer of all Fallout IPs due by December 2013.

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