Fallout: New Vegas Latest News

Bundle Stars offering Fallout Bundle including 5 games and all released DLC packs

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Gamers who don't want to jump into Fallout 4 right away can now try a new bundle deal from Bundle Stars which includes Steam codes for five Fallout games and all of the downloadable content packs released for them.

New details unveiled about Fallout: Van Buren, including a player theme tune

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Former Obsidian developer Chris Avellone revealed in a panel at NYU Games Center’s Practice 2015 conference some new information about the infamous "Fallout: Van Buren", the unproduced version of Fallout 3.

Riddick - The Chronicles of Fallout Released

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If you didn’t think there was enough Vin Diesel in Fallout: New Vegas, this mod allows you to turn your player character literally into John Riddick of the Pitch Black franchise. It also injects touches from the franchise into the game. Reaching a certain level gets you some of Riddick’s outfits from the films, and there’s a cave full of Bioraptors from the first film. And yes, Riddick’s eyes are shined - pressing V activates Cat’s Eye.

Entire Fallout franchise on sale now on Steam

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Fallout 4 is coming fast and it won't be long before we're strapping on our power armors and going to town on some super mutant baddies. In the mean time, Bethesda has dropped a fat discount on all previous entries of Fallout for those who were late to the party or are just looking to get reconnected with the classic sci-fi RPG.

Autumn Leaves mod out for Fallout: New Vegas tomorrow

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Fancy just a spot of Fallout: New Vegas adventuring before Fallout 4 drops this November? Good news then, because the ambitious-looking Autumn Leaves mod has just been released.

It's been in the works for around four years, and adds ten hours of extra content to Obsidian's action RPG, along with 2,000 lines of dialogue spoken by the new characters you'll meet as you explore an ancient library staffed by robots.

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