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PC patch for Far Cry 4 targets 'black and grey screens', Ubisoft "in the process of preparing"

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The next PC patch for Far Cry 4 is in the works at Ubisoft bringing the shooter to version 1.4.0. This update looks to fix rather annoying black screens on game launch, and a grey screen during a mission.

Ubisoft are "still in the process of preparing" the PC patch and will give a "firm date for making it available." While not comforting to those who need this patch, at least it isn't a mess quite like Unity.

Far Cry 4 creative lead starts work on "something new" for Ubisoft‏

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Far Cry 4's creative lead Alex Hutchinson has had his personal game pitch greenlit by Ubisoft, and will head a team including former Assassin's Creed staff on a new project.

No clues as to what that project might involve just yet, but it sounds like a step away from developing for mega-budget franchises.

Ubisoft catches out Far Cry 4 pirates with the help of a humble FOV slider

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There seems to be a trend these days of developers trying to catch pirates out by leaving little surprises for those playing illegitimate versions of PC games. Ubisoft's been in on the fun with Far Cry 4.

A day one patch for the shooter added a FOV slider to the game's graphics options. Players who pirated the PC version missed out on that patch, and several complained to the game's creative director Alex Hutchinson - who promptly pointed out they were clearly playing an pirated copy.

Fans annoyed that Far Cry 4's map editor doesn't support multiplayer maps

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The Far Cry series has traditionally shipped with a map editor that allows modders to build their own singleplayer and multiplayer maps. Latest series entry Far Cry 4 does come with an editor, but it doesn't support multiplayer map creation.

Fans aren't very happy about this. The absence was spotted by a forum user who was watching a Twitch stream of the game's editor in action.

Far Cry 4's 101 trailer is an in-depth tour of Kyrat‏

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There's a lot of stuff to see and do in Far Cry 4, so it seems like the perfect game for one of Ubisoft's epic, extended '101' trailers. So of course there's one for the open world shooter.

Witness! Elephant madness. Thrill! To inadvisable use of helicopters. Wonder! As you go shopping for new threads. Okay, I'm not sure how the last one helps either.

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