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Hurk Deluxe Pack DLC out now for Far Cry 4

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Ubisoft has released the Hurk Deluxe Pack for Far Cry 4, celebrating the game's most interminable character. With the possible exception of those two stoner tourists.

The DLC pack offers five new story missions and five new custom weapons. It's out now on all platforms.

Ubisoft is cancelling copies of Far Cry 4 purchased from third-party CD key stores

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Reddit users and posters on Ubisoft's forums have been registering their surprise and dissatisfaction at the company's removal of digital copies of Far Cry 4 from their Uplay accounts.

The removed copies appear to all originate from third party CD-key sellers and independent eBay stores, with customers who visited retail sites G2Play and G2A notably affected. Ubisoft is yet to issue an official statement.

Far Cry 4's Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC is out now

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Far Cry 4's first piece of Season Pass content is out now. The Escape from Durgesh Prison solo and co-op mission forces players to test their skills in a series of challenges in order to gather weapons and equipment to make their escape.

"When players die they must restart the mission and use the knowledge and skills they gained during their previous run through to help them reach the extraction point successfully," explains Ubisoft. As close to a roguelike as Far Cry is probably ever going to get, then.

Ubisoft survey registers consumer interest in various future Far Cry settings - including a dinosaur island

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Ever since the original Far Cry introduced us to the series' particular brand of tropical shooting back in 2004, fans have been wondering just how much the games would be improved by the introduction of dinosaurs. Seventy-five per cent? Three hundred per cent?

It appears that current developer Ubisoft isn't entirely opposed to the concept either. In a recent consumer survey sent out by the company, it asked several players what they would like to see in a future Far Cry game.

Ubisoft details first piece of Far Cry 4 Season Pass content, the Escape from Durgesh Prison

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Far Cry 4 is set to get its first piece of Season Pass content in January, and Ubisoft has detailed exactly what players can expect. Namely the introduction of permadeath in the new Escape from Durgesh Prison solo and co-op mission.

It's based around a level from the core game's solo campaign, but this time Ajay can team up with his (annoying) co-op buddy Hurk to scavenge weapons and ammo, and complete a series of challenges in a vaguely roguelike structure in order to escape.

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