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Loudr offering 4 day Black Friday sale on game music

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Loudr has announced that it is holding a Game Music Festival from today, the 29th November through to the 2nd December, which will include the Game Music Bundle 6, themed collections, interviews, audio commentaries and reviews.

Humble Bundle #9 brings the indie classics

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This week's Humble Bundle brings out some of the biggest indie titles of the past few years, with Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend tossed in.

Fez to get a new patch soon

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Phil Fish has announced on Twitter than a new update for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Fez, the first since one was issued back in June 2012.

Microsoft drops charges for title updates on Xbox 360

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According to a report, Microsoft has decided to drop the incredibly unpopular charge to developers for wanting to release a title update for games on Xbox 360. Some indie studios had refused to release patches.

The charge was no small amount as Microsoft charged in the tens of thousands. It all came down to Microsoft's certification policies. Back in February 2012 Tim Schafer said it cost $40k to patch.

Fez sold 200K units in a year, soundtrack remix announced

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Phil Fish's trippy platform-puzzle game Fez has sold 200,000 units in the year since it was released in 2012, and a remix of its soundtrack will be sold in celebration of its May PC release.

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