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Firefall devs will go on the rampage in this weekend's Nightmare Before Wintertide event

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This Sunday December 7, Red 5 Studios is kicking off a seasonal event (who isn't?) for its MMO action shooter Firefall.

It's called 'The Nightmare Before Wintertide', and it sees players defending against “elite Chosen bosses controlled by members of the Red 5 Studios development team.”

Firefall jettisons PvP as it's "not working very well," Red 5 downsize staff 10%

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California-based Red 5 has cut their workforce by 10 percent in the lead up to MMO Firefall's official launch. Presently it’s going through the second stage of its open beta with a major patch due this month.

The studio's plans to take advantage of eSports has collapsed following the decision to 'disable' PvP as it was "not working very well" with small numbers interested.

Red 5 releases new Firefall trailer as game visits GamesCom and discusses open beta

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Red 5 Studios has released a new gameplay trailer for its shooter MMO Firefall, celebrating its appearance at GamesCom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, as the game went into open beta on the 9th July.

Firefall now entering open beta

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Red 5 Studios has announced that its free-to-play, cel-shaded third person shooter MMO Firefall is now beginning the first stage of its open beta testing.

World of Warcraft "killed a genre," says former Blizzard dev

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Mark Kern now works at Red 5 Studios, developer of MMO Firefall, but he used to work at Blizzard and was on the World of Warcraft team. He now laments the 'accessibility mantra' they used to design it.

Since WoW there's been a "creeping casualness" that touches all other MMOs, because it's what drew millions to Blizzard's creation. Players are hit with a "fire-hose of quests" - it's 'too quick'.

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