Flashpoint Germany Latest Downloads

Patch 1.13

  • [Patch]
  • Posted about 8 years ago
  • 85.5 MB

The latest cumulative patch for Flashpoint Germany. It fixes a memory leak in Vista and adds improvements to browsing unit waypoints.

Patch 1.12

  • [Patch]
  • Posted almost 9 years ago
  • 7.37 MB

The new update fixes an issue with the scenario editor and tweaks in-game messages to be a little slicker.

Patch 1.11

  • [Patch]
  • Posted over 9 years ago
  • 84.9 MB

This new update to Flashpoint Germany makes a few minor changes to the well-received 1.10 updated. It fixes a Nuclear Option recursion issue and adjusts the Warsaw Pact T-72 tank based on testing. This patch is comprehensive and does not require any previ