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FlatOut 2 promises to bring back the well-loved car racing game where you take part in ensuring harm against those AI drivers going against you.

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Bugbear's Next Car Game now on Kickstarter

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FlatOut developer Bugbear Entertainment has now taken their Next Car Game project onto Kickstarter having only accepted pledges through their own website until now. It's been Greenlit on Steam.

Their Kickstarter campaign is asking for $350,000 and it has 27 days to go. So far a little over $24,000 has been pledged from around 730 backers. A "sneak peak" tech demo is due if successful.

FlatOut 3 hits Steam on 13th December

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Strategy Informer can reveal that FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction will be released on Steam on the 13th December, with a preorder bonus of a 10% discount from now until the 12th.

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