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FTL: Advanced Edition introduces scavenger alien race The Lanius

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Next year FTL receives a free upgrade from the base game to the Advanced Edition. The team have now detailed more about the new features on the way, including an all-new alien race to fight off.

These aren't a new race of obsessive huggers looking to kill you with kindness but scavenging, oxygen-not-needing, material-absorbing pests; they don't need life support.

Advanced Edition expansion coming to FTL: Faster Than Light in early 2014

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Indie developer Gargoyle Games has announced that its hardcore sci-fi roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light will be getting a free expansion in early 2014.

Humble Bundle #9 brings the indie classics

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This week's Humble Bundle brings out some of the biggest indie titles of the past few years, with Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend tossed in.

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