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Garry's Mod has sold over 6 million copies”

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Garry's Mod has sold over 6 million copies on PC, Mac and Linux. That's a lot of G-Men who've been twisted into unnatural positions and then blown up with a pile of explosive barrels.

Creator and founder of Facepunch Studios Garry Newman tweeted the initial figure, and then split it by platform, with the PC unsurprisingly miles ahead in units sold.

Humble Jumbo Bundle includes Natural Selection 2, Orcs Must Die, Sanctum 2

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The new Humble Bundle has been announced, and this one doesn't have any real theme, just a ton of quality games, many of them with all their DLC attached.

Garry's Mod has "made about" $22m, Facepunch "starting work on a new PC game"

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The sandbox 'make what you like' tool that is Garry's Mod has generated about $22 million since going on sale through Steam, although its creators "get less than half of that", and then the "tax man gets a bunch" too.

Currently Garry's Mod is up to version 13, with Kinect support added in December. A Linux version is also being made. Garry Newman teases "a new PC game" in the works.

Garry's Mod hits 1M sales

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Everyone's favorite Steam-based physics toy, Garry's Mod, has now hit 1M sales. The sandbox utility which allows users to manipulate the engine hit the milestone over the weekend. Garry Newman, creator of the mod, gushed that the popularity of the software is "more than I could have ever expected or wished for!"

Garry's Mod gets 'anti-pirate error'

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How can you try and catch out those swashbuckling software pirates? Garry Newman, creator of Garry's Mod, put together a special little error message to catch them.

If you find yourself "unable to shade polygon normals", then you're a dirty pirate. The error code includes the users' Steam ID so Garry can banish the jolly rogers.