Grand Theft Auto V

The critically acclaimed and record-breaking open world, Grand Theft Auto V comes to a new generation.
EU & US Release date: 14 Apr, 2015
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Patience is a virtue. Now let’s cap some fools and steal their ride.

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Grand Theft Auto V 'sells nearly' 52 million copies, Evolve at 2.5 million

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In the latest Take-Two fiscal report the publisher has revealed they've "sold-in nearly 52 million" units of Grand Theft Auto V across PC and consoles. These are figures of units sold directly to retailers, not to gamers.

Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve has meanwhile "sold-in approximately 2.5 million" units. CEO and chairman Strauss Zelnick said GTA V's PC launch "exceeded our expectations."

Rockstar: GTA V players shouldn't worry about being banned for using singleplayer mods

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Rockstar recently held an Asked and Answered session on its Newswire page, and inevitably the thorny issue of modding in GTA V was raised. Specifically, the studio was asked to clarify its stance on the use of mods in both online and offline modes.

I'll post the full statement, because it's the first time we've heard any concrete clarification from Rockstar on the subject.

Grand Theft Auto V updated on PC, fixes Steam issues and garage troubles

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Rockstar has put out their latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V which goes after some irritating Steam-only issues like not being able to alt-tab back in if the overlay was open, or not able to use Mexican Spanish subtitles. Those fiends!

They also address some problems with garages and cars in GTA Online, and work on general stability for director mode and video editor. Patch download speeds have improved too, apparently.

GTA Online players are getting banned for using cosmetic mods, FOV tweaks

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It was all so careless and light-hearted. Folks were flinging whales around, disrupting cutscenes and generally making merry havoc in Rockstar's open world crime thriller GTA V, when suddenly things got serious.

Several PC GTA Online players are reporting that they've been banned from the game, apparently for using various mods, even those that offer only cosmetic differences. This Reddit user for example posted a screenshot of the moment he was banned, allegedly for using an FOV mod.

The Best Grand Theft Auto V Mods: highlights include 'land' whale, instant ragdoll and underwater cars

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Now that Grand Theft Auto V is in the hands of nosey PC gamers a huge industry of mods has exploded for the crime sandbox. There are the more usual suspects, like cheats, but then there's what can only be described as 'other'.

Have you ever wondered what a giant whale body slamming a city looks like? Well your curiosity can now be sated! Maybe you enjoy triggering instant ragdoll for comic effect? What about music on-the-go?

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