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Patience is a virtue. Now let’s cap some fools and steal their ride.

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Drop Zone Adversary Mode added to Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer

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Rockstar Games has announced that a new gameplay mode has been added to GTA Online called the 'Drop Zone Adversary Mode'. The new update includes new vehicles upgrades, too.

Rockstar North and GTA lead Leslie Benzies leaves company indefinitely

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Grand Theft Auto V was a huge game for the entire Rockstar company of development, Scotland-based Rockstar North one of the chief among them. After the game was completed, studio head Leslie Benzies took a much deserved leave of absence. Almost a year and a half later, it would appear that leave of absence is permanent.

Rockstar announces Christmas-themed DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5

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Rockstar has announced their yearly Christmas-themed downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as a new photo contest that will run from now through 5 January 2016.

GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals will let you form your own mob

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Grand Theft Auto Online has allowed a myriad of options for players to team up against each other and the game's mechanics, but soon, you'll be able to build a criminal empire. That's just a pinch of what you'll be getting when Rockstar adds it's latest addition to GTA Online, Executives and Other Criminals.

Rockstar introduces "Every Bullet Counts" Adversary mode for Grand Theft Auto Online

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Rockstar has announced a new multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto Online, a four player deathmatch in which every player has a gun and only two bullets, meaning that after both shots are taken, they'll have to resort to a more physical method of attack.

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