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Grand Theft Auto V Summary


Grand Theft Auto V Review

Patience is a virtue. Now let’s cap some fools and steal their ride.

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Samsung Isn't Too Pleased About Fans Modding Their Exploding Phone Into Grand Theft Auto

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Mods have forever been a god-send for PC gaming. If the 20 included levels of your favorite game have finally begun to run their course, chances are there's someone in the world passionate enough to do something about it. Whether that's by creating 20 more, or simply turning your character into a watermelon, there's something for everyone within the modding community. But for Samsung, someone within the Grand Theft Auto V mod circle is now on their hit list.

Allegations of Code Ripping Fragments the Grand Theft Auto V Community

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The much anticipated release of a fan-favorite Grand Theft Auto V mod has been met with allegations of code theft by those working on a similar project.

The popular Redux mod for Rockstar's beautiful crime sandbox has been making the vivid city even more pleasing to the eye for a while now, but the finalized release has seen the modding community fragment after VisualV modder _CP_ commented on similarities between the two hacks indicated some form of foul play.

Datamining hints at upcoming GTA5 DLC

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Hints are among us that Grand Theft Auto V could be getting some oft-requested biker-themed DLC. The game’s script has a few extra lines of code since the Cunning Stunts update hit, and it appears to mention several biker missions.

The Grand Theft Auto community have found an Easter Egg that lets you play as Teen Wolf in GTA 5

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Yes, you read that correctly. You can now play as Teen Wolf (the Michael J. Fox variety) in Grand Theft Auto 5, that is if you can manage to complete all the steps required to do so. If you are ready to embark on a quest that involves collecting the seven golden peyotes, the twenty-seven Peyote Plants, oh, and completing the entire game.

This Easter Egg has been so well hidden that we are shocked anyone even found it. When you consider all the conditions that must be before even attempting it, we are surprised Rockstar even bothered to create it. If you break it down, the number of people that will actually see this Easter Egg in person must be under 1%, yet Rockstar still include it. That’s what makes them stand out from everyone else, they will go the extra distance for only a few people.

Liberty City DLC may have been in development for GTA 5

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It’s difficult to hide secrets on the Internet these days, especially when there are diligent fans on forums. A few community members on the GTAForums may have found proof that Rockstar were in fact working on recreating Liberty City in GTA 5’s engine. We don’t know whether this was for the online portion of the game or if Rockstar were planning to use it for the single player campaign, but what we do know is that this section of the map is definitely from Liberty City.

Some members of the GTAForums were looking around the portfolio of Adrian Page, an artist at Rockstar since 2011. Page’s portfolio contains several screenshots of GTA 5, including alpha and beta builds all the way up to the retail release. While most of these screenshots may not look noteworthy, one clever poster (BlackScout) noticed the environment on one of the screenshots looked incredibly familiar. Poster WildBrick142 tried to recreate the same screenshot using the video editor in GTA 4 to compare the two scenes, and it looks like it’s a match.

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