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Rockstar sent P.I.'s to find creators of banned Grand Theft Auto V mods

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Rockstar Games takes its protection of Grand Theft Auto Online very seriously. Not only have they banned gamers who used mods to play Grand Theft Auto V's online mode outside of the official servers, but they've hired private investigators to find out who developed the mods for a personal cease-and-desist.

Advertising Standards Authority rules Valve misled customers with Grand Theft Auto V Steam Sale

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During Valve's Steam Sale this past Summer, fans were outraged at what they perceived was bait-and-switch by the company regarding Grand Theft Auto V and various bundles. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Valve had indeed misled customers deliberately during the sale.

Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween Surprise is live now

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The fine people over at Rockstar have released their holiday offering for October in the form of the Halloween Surprise event. Available now, the event features a new game mode to play around with and several goodies players will have a chance to collect and keep permanently even after the event is over.

Halloween items hidden in Lowrider DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online to be unlocked October 31

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Gamers who picked up the Lowrider DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online have a special treat embedded in the content that will unlock on October 31: Halloween themed goodies including cars, weapons, bobbleheads and masks. This was uncovered by gamers looking through the DLC files.

Back to the Future scene recreated with Grand Theft Auto Online's Scenario Editor

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Rockstar fan channel GTA Series Videos is celebrating Back to the Future Day by recreating a scene from the first film using Grand Theft Auto Online's Scenario Editor. While the characters are a little off-model, it's a credible recreation using machinema

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