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Crate Entertainment talks action-RPG Grim Dawn

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CEO Arthur Bruno from Crate discusses the mighty quest he and his small team have undertaken with action-RPG Grim Dawn, which has been on Steam Early Access for a while now.

They've yet to officially achieve beta and will soon be releasing Act Two for early adopters to play with. It's "technically far along in terms of development" but not in content.

Kickstarter RPG Grim Dawn suffers "significant" delay

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Grim Dawn was backed on Kickstarter way back in May 2012 with a proposed release date of August 2013, but the developer, Crate Entertainment, has announced in an update that the game will be suffering a "significant" delay.

Grim Dawn alpha test stage begins, Soldier skill tree detailed

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Crate Entertainment has opened a Grim Dawn alpha test up exclusively for friends and family. The process aims to outline any major problems before a full alpha test phase is delivered to players who aren't related to the team.

TitanQuest 2 didn't happen because THQ never purchased developer Iron Lore

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Crate Entertainment founder Arthur Bruno revealed that his former development studio Iron Lore was never able to create a TitanQuest 2 because THQ acquired Big Huge Games instead of Iron Lore, while THQ owned the rights to the game.

Grim Dawn reaches $280k Kickstarter goal, 10 days to go for ARPG

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The "old-school style, open-world action role-playing" in Grim Dawn has managed to reach its goal of $280k but there's still 10 days to go and it's currently sitting at just over $290k.

It's a project from former Iron Lore developers who are using "tools and technology" used to develop Titan Quest. It "won't feature a story on rails with linear level design", they say.

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