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Chase the dragon (egg) in the next Guild Wars 2 story update‏

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Dragons, dragons, dragons. Everyone loves dragons, which is why there's a dragon-inspired module out for MMO Neverwinter right now and a game called Dragon Age out next week.

Guild Wars 2 sort of loves them too, with the current Living World story arc featuring a rampaging elder dragon. And more will be on the way in next week's update.

Guild Wars 2's Living Story rolls on with the Echoes of the Past update‏

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Guild Wars 2's Living Story continues to roll on, with the latest update Echoes of the Past released yesterday. That pesky elder dragon Mordremoth is up to no good.

If you're following the story, this latest episode sees the world's leaders reacting to the attack on the Pale Tree by preparing for all out war.

Guild Wars 2's Living World story update The Dragon’s Reach: Part One available now

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Is there no end to the constant stream of Guild Wars 2 story content? ArenaNet released another episode in the ongoing Living World storyline today, titled The Dragon’s Reach: Part One.

The Elder Dragon Mordremoth is, unsurprisingly considering that super-ominous name, threatening the land of Tyria. To get all the world's races on board with their complex 'kill the dragon' plan, our plucky heroes will need to run around doing favours for them. How MMO is that?

Guild Wars 2's Entanglement update features killer plants

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The latest episode in Guild Wars 2's ongoing Living World storyline is Entanglement, a game update which pits players against evil vines. I'll repeat that, EVIL VINES. It's out now.

As well as the odd bit of heroic horticulture, you'll find new rewards, new enemies and more crafting options.Come on, though, the killer plants are the main draw.

Guild Wars 2 video teases the live orchestral soundtrack to Living World Season Two

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In a video released by NCSoft today, Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer gives us a listen of the new soundtrack for the game's Living World Season Two.

Performed and recorded by a live orchestra in Germany, the new music will soundtrack players' adventures as they play through the next chapter of the Guild Wars 2 story.