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Conscription and training looked at in new Hearts of Iron IV dev diary, PDXCon15 stream with Lead Designer

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Paradox Development Studios has posted their latest developer diary for Hearts of Iron IV, and this write-up looks at conscription and training of our units, and they want us to feel as if we're "growing and nurturing" our armies.

This should help put "more focus into pre-war production," which hasn't always been that endearing. Manpower has "big changes" in Hearts of Iron IV, and they explain how training works.

Paradox 'would consider' Game of Thrones if they ever adopted another IP

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The Game of Thrones universe is nothing new to the Paradox Interactive teams, especially as Crusader Kings II is often cited as 'being like Game of Thrones' with its RPG-based family drama, but would they ever go for the IP?

Paradox CEO Fred Wester said Game of Thrones would definitely be high of the list, but he's "still on the fence" about whether it would be good for Paradox or not. HBO has spoken with them about it.

Paradox Development Studios has two more titles in production using Clausewitz engine

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The latest Clausewitz engine is fuelling the rise of nations and colonialism in Europa Universalis IV, and it's gearing up for all-out war in Hearts of Iron IV, but Paradox Development Studios has more in the works using that engine.

Crusader Kings II lead designer and Game Director Henrik FĂ„hraeus confirms there's "another game in production and yet another one in pre-production." Who's on the suspect list?

Hearts of Iron IV releasing in late Q2 2015, new 'Internal Politics' dev diary, live Q&A on Twitch tonight @ 6.00PM CET

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Paradox Interactive have announced their new gambit for global conquest in Hearts of Iron IV will be blitzkrieg'ing onto desktops in late Q2 of this year, admitting they were a "tad optimistic" for Q1.

Today also sees the release of a new develop diary from Paradox Development Studio, and this time it's on the grand strategy's internal politics discussing ministers, laws, and national goals.

Hearts of Iron IV developer diary examines tanks, teases more alpha footage

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Paradox is busy with Hearts of Iron IV as they carve up Europe for us to steam roll over when it releases in 2015. Today a new lengthy developer diary is out examining all things tank.

There are some teasing alpha shots of the game in action, with panning sweeps across Europe. The team visited the Arsenalen museum of military vehicles in Sweden.

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