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Hearts of Iron IV Summary


Hearts of Iron IV Review

Does the fourth return to World War II’s frontlines reign victorious?

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Hearts of Iron IV Patch Notes - Update 1.3.3

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With the December 2016 patch for Hearts of Iron IV causing a stir through the community due to a few lingering bugs, it's about time we start keeping a diary of all things patchy.

Hearts of Iron IV Sells Half a Million Copies

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Who said that grand strategy is dead? Certainly not Paradox Interactive, as its latest sales figures for Hearts of Iron IV show that the game sold over half a million copies since it's release in June 2016. This announcement follows record sales for Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II.

Paradox Interactive Hosts 'Kaiserreich' and 'MEIOU and Taxes' Mod-Makers At PDXCON

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Paradox Interactive today announced their cooperation with the mod teams behind the 'Kaiserreich' and 'MEIOU and Taxes', for Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV. At this years PDXCON, the publishers will be hosting the mod teams at the convention.

Hearts Of Iron IV Gets A Beta Build To Fix Its v1.3 Crashing Issues

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How's the 'Hearts of Iron IV' 1.3 patch been treating you? For the most part, it's probably working fine. But with reports of a few crashes here and there, the team working with Paradox Interactive have decided to try and squash them in the most efficient manner - beta hotfixes!

Hearts of Iron IV Together for Victory Lands on 15th December

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The first expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, the World War II grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studios, has finally received a release date.

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