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World Tension and neutrality in new Hearts of Iron IV dev diary

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Sitting on the fence is a political strategy in Hearts of Iron IV for those nations not wanting to get sucked into any of the three major ideologies, explains Paradox Development Studios.

It's not so easy though as these neutrals can be swayed by external pressures. Meanwhile the 'big three' have to be ever mindful of World Tension, particularly fascist regimes wanting to keep their new acquisitions.

Hearts of Iron IV "very solid" but slips Q2 release, currently "working on a large milestone"

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The return of the Hearts of Iron series will have to wait a bit longer as Paradox Development Studios reveal that Hearts of Iron IV won't be out in Q2 2015. They've got a "a large milestone" to clear before announcing a new schedule.

According to studio manager Johan Andersson they 'don't have an approved alpha' yet for the grand strategy, but when they do they'll "start with weekly" developer diaries.

Paradox dev diary looks at naval forces in Hearts of Iron IV, now operate in strategic areas

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Naval fleets in Hearts of Iron IV are getting an overhaul and will now, it seems, act more like the air forces which operate in specific strategic areas. Fleets can still move from province to province, says the developer diary.

We now get indicators to tell us how spread out our fleets are in an area, with Naval Doctrines having significant impact on their efficiency. Missions define exactly how they behave, and who they target.

Paradox announce the "universally celebrated" Chirpy from Cities: Skylines coming to Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron

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In an obvious move to pander to the popular crowd, Paradox Development Studios will be adopting the Chirpy bird from Colossal Order's Cities: Skylines.

Chirpy will bring us round the clock chirps from medieval and war-time Europe, condensing critical information that could sway whole civilisations in 140 characters or less. #lifesaver

Conscription and training looked at in new Hearts of Iron IV dev diary, PDXCon15 stream with Lead Designer

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Paradox Development Studios has posted their latest developer diary for Hearts of Iron IV, and this write-up looks at conscription and training of our units, and they want us to feel as if we're "growing and nurturing" our armies.

This should help put "more focus into pre-war production," which hasn't always been that endearing. Manpower has "big changes" in Hearts of Iron IV, and they explain how training works.

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