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Hearts of Iron IV releasing in late Q2 2015, new 'Internal Politics' dev diary, live Q&A on Twitch tonight @ 6.00PM CET

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Paradox Interactive have announced their new gambit for global conquest in Hearts of Iron IV will be blitzkrieg'ing onto desktops in late Q2 of this year, admitting they were a "tad optimistic" for Q1.

Today also sees the release of a new develop diary from Paradox Development Studio, and this time it's on the grand strategy's internal politics discussing ministers, laws, and national goals.

Hearts of Iron IV developer diary examines tanks, teases more alpha footage

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Paradox is busy with Hearts of Iron IV as they carve up Europe for us to steam roll over when it releases in 2015. Today a new lengthy developer diary is out examining all things tank.

There are some teasing alpha shots of the game in action, with panning sweeps across Europe. The team visited the Arsenalen museum of military vehicles in Sweden.

Hearts of Iron 4 trailer shows off first glimpse of gameplay

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Fans of grand strategy, prepare to lose another hundred or so hours of your life - Hearts of Iron 4 is on its way, and developer Paradox has released the very first in-game footage.

Okay, so there's not that much actual gameplay to see, just a brief glimpse of the German invasion of Poland and a little history lesson. If you want to get a closer look, you might want to sign up for Paradox's 'Rush to the Front' pre-launch reward campaign.

Paradox detail changes to factory production in Hearts of Iron IV

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A new dev dairy from Paradox Development Studios examines briefly the changes being made to production in Hearts of Iron IV, as they split industry into three different categories to better reflect historical accuracy.

Civilian industry is now separate from the military, which itself splits between dockyards and equipment. Also they have simplified the economy to just 'raw resources'.

Paradox and BL Logic jointly announce East vs West cancellation

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Paradox Interactive have made a decision as publisher of BL Logic's East vs West project to cancel the game. It had already been "severely delayed" and an open beta / early access still wouldn't have met "certain criteria".

The actual decision to cancel is 'fresh' and the community has been told "pretty much immediately." As it uses the Clausewitz engine they can't release source code to the community.

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