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Hearts of Iron IV Summary


Hearts of Iron IV Review

Does the fourth return to World War II’s frontlines reign victorious?

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Paradox Announces Together for Victory, First Expansion for Hearts of Iron IV

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Paradox Interactive have announced the first expansion to world war 2 grand strategy Hearts of Iron IV. The new Together for Victory expansion will include new content for players to get into and other changes.

First Expansion For Hearts of Iron IV Announced

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Paradox Development Studios has announced the first expansion for its grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV. The World War 2 strategy game has been well received by players and critics alike.

Heart of Irons IV ‘Red Ball Express’ Patch 1.1 has released

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Hearts of Iron IV, the strategic war-game created by Paradox Development Studios has received a large patch that brings with it big changes. The main focus of this patch is to address the AI, so expect to see several improvements on that front.

But wait, there’s more! That’s not all Paradox are focusing on! Here are a list of tweaks and changes that Paradox have highlighted (we thank them for highlighting the important ones as there are at least 100 changes!):

Hearts of Iron IV Console Commands

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Hearts of Iron IV can be a tough game, and you might need a little assistance overcoming the theaters of World War II. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Or you might want to experiment, and see how an all-powerful Ireland affects the outcome of the Great War. Whatever the reason, these console commands will give you an edge.

Hearts of Iron IV: What If Hitler Fell At The First Hurdle?

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"Players are going to be playing with hindsight in mind," says Hearts of Iron IV’s lead designer Dan Lind in a developer diary released back in March. "They know Hitler is gonna start some shit in Europe."

Well, not necessarily. But we’ll get to that in a second.

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