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New Hearts of Iron IV developer diary explores the full scale of warfare in the game

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Interested in the latest Hearts of Iron game? You will definitely want to check out the latest developer diary where the developers analyse part of their game in detail. This developer diary focuses on the three types of combat in the game: naval, land and air combat.

Personally, I’ve never played the Hearts of Iron games before but this video makes the series look incredibly interesting. The developer’s passion for the series really comes across in this video as they speak about what it’ll take to succeed on the battlefield.

Hearts of Iron IV developer diary talks about nuclear weapons

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One of the climaxes to World War II was the United States dropping a pair of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A new developer diary in the Paradox Interactive forums discusses how to employ the doomsday weapons in the upcoming strategy game Hearts of Iron IV.

What was announced from tonight’s Paradox Interactive Twitch Stream?

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GDC is this week! While that mostly means a bunch of industry professionals attending talks about engineering, marketing, and game design, there are some companies which take advantage of the occasion to make product announcements and hype their wares. Companies like Paradox Interactive!

Hearts of Iron 4 trailer teases ahistorical outcomes

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Paradox Interactive's next grand strategy title is Hearts of Iron 4, which sets you loose in the tense global climate of the late 1930s, and tasks you with guiding your nation to supremacy without being blown up by Germany.

That's not as easy as it sounds, of course. A new video from the studio showcases a potential ahistorical outcome to a grand campaign, in which the UK is invaded by the German Reich after a failed invasion of Norway.

Project Augustus is a game all of Paradox Interactive "always dreamt about doing"

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It's the last day of the month and here's Teaser #7 for Paradox Development Studio's soon-to-be-revealed Project Augustus. We're told this is "a project we've always dreamt about doing," and not just for the internal devs.

Some have noted that Paradox has expressed a desire to boldly go to man's final frontier before, i.e. space. Could this be a grand strategy set among the stars? If so, what shape would it take? Real-time or turn-based?

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