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Xylander update for Heroes and Generals adds new Russian weapons, camouflage uniforms and more

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Reto-Moto has released a big new update for its World War 2 MMOFPS Heroes and Generals. Titled Xylander, it adds a few new toys for the Soviet faction, new camouflage uniforms, weapon skins, and a new 'Battle Director' algorithm that decides when battles are hilariously unbalanced, and auto-resolves them.

That should mean that players spend less time being forced to play in one-sided games. You'll also net extra Rank XP and Ribbon XP bonuses, allowing you to level up faster.

Soviet Russia invades Heroes and Generals in new update

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A big new update for Heroes and Generals has popped up on Steam, adding, alongside new gear, playable characters, maps and gameplay improvements, a whole new faction in the form of Soviet Russia.

Russia joins the existing US and German factions in the game's strategic MMOFPS arena, bringing "light tanks, medium tanks, a tank destroyer, a heavy tank, as well as a giant Anti-tank rifle, lots of new weapons, planes, paratroopers and a lot more."

Heroes and Generals updated with new hit detection system

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An online shooter lives or dies on the quality of its gunplay, which is why developer Reto-Moto has updated its World War 2 themed title Heroes and Generals with an improved hit detection system.

With the addition of the latest Spaatz Addon #2 update the game now uses server-side hit detection instead of the more common client-side hit detection.

Dev videolog details 'Leeb' update for Heroes & Generals

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Reto-Moto has released a new "videolog" of their free-to-play browser-based massively multiplayer shooter Heroes & Generals, detailing the "Leeb" update, which mostly deals with UI and modeling.

New gameplay changes announced for Heroes & Generals

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Reto Moto has announced a new build of their World War II online shooter Heroes & Generals which brings a significant number of fixes and additions.

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