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First images of Homefront 2 appear, feature New York City

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A promotional handout featured the very first images of Crytek UK's Homefront 2, which has yet to be officially revealed to the gaming public. Both "work-in-progress" images show New York City.

The logo for the game also retains the US flag mixed with the expanded North Korean empire. Crytek has already pushed the game back to allow for more development time.

Crytek UK "making great progress on our reinvention" of Homefront

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Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown has confirmed "great progress" on Homefront at the Nottingham-based Crytek UK. Work began on the project shortly after Kaos Studios' collapse under THQ in 2011.

The rights and ownership of Homefront were handed over to Crytek who is believed to have delayed its release to refine the shooter. Crytek UK has "a number of projects" as of yet undisclosed.

Crytek "might stop" console development if free-to-play support languishes

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Continuing in our exclusive chat with Crytek's Cevat Yerli the studio boss says that, while they do have "a few console games in the works" right now, they could transition away from those platforms.

It all comes down to whether or not these platform holders can "house our business models," noted Yerli, referring to the studio's shift toward free-to-play as the future of the company.

Crytek "firm believers" in Homefront IP, "nothing has changed" on development

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THQ's Homefront IP is now in the hands of Crytek as their Crytek UK office has been developing the sequel for the past 2 years, which is rumoured to be set in the United Kingdom this time around.

They're completely behind the franchise and its "potential to excite and amaze" gamers. The studio's time with THQ was "always positive" and this turbulent period hasn't hurt Homefront's development.

Farrell "heartened" majority of THQ studios and IPs "continue under new ownership"

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Brian Farrell and Jason Rubin have discussed a little about the closing moments of publisher THQ, of which both were leading executives. Farrell does "sincerely regret this outcome" for those out of work.

Rubin adds that he was brought in to "help turn this ship around," and while disappointed never everyone was saved, he echoes Farrell in being grateful for those that were snapped up.

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