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Dennaton announce vinyl Collector's Edition of Hotline Miami 2

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Leave it to Dennaton Games to come up with a suitably cool Collector's Edition for its long-awaited murdering simulator sequel, Hotline Miami 2. The $60 edition will contain three vinyl discs with 28 tracks from the game's soundtrack.

If the sequel's music is anywhere near as excellent as the original's, that's quite the treat. There's no tracklist yet, as Dennaton wants to keep that a secret until the game's released.

Hotline Miami 2 delayed until "late 2014 or early 2015"

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Aw, man. I was looking forward to another bout of neon-soaked violence backed by an awesome synthpop soundtrack, but Dennaton Games has confirmed that Hotline Miami 2 has been pushed back to "late 2014 or early 2015".

Technically the sequel never had a set date beyond Q3 2014, which is sort of over now anyway, but there was a hope that we'd see it before December and certainly before next year. That might not be the case now.

Overkill and Dennaton Games announce PAYDAY 2: Hotline Miami DLC

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PAYDAY 2's Overkill and Hotline Miami's Dennaton Games have teamed up for a heist. New DLC is on the way for PAYDAY 2 that will add a bit more of a psychotic flavour to 'wealth redistribution'.

It's a "true collaboration" between the studios, reveals a new FAQ, because Overkill "f**king love" Hotline Miami. It's due out on Steam September 30th with more details to come.

Hotline Miami action figure stomps Kickstarter funding goal, sequel footage leaks on Youtube

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With all the promising game coming out this year, I'd almost forgotten that Dennaton Games are taking us back to the murky criminal underworld of the 1980's with Hotline Miami 2.

Here's a couple of things to remind us; firstly the Kickstarter campaign for an action figure version of the original Hotline Miami's protagonist "Jacket" has reached its funding goal. Secondly, an hour and a half of footage from the sequel has surfaced on Youtube.

Hotline Miami 2 ships with level editor - new trailer released

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will ship with a level editor, allowing you to focus your diseased mind on creating new arenas for the game's hacking, shooting, stabbing and bludgeoning action.

Developer Dennaton Games has released a new trailer at E3 giving players an idea of what they can do with the editing tool.

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