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Infinite Crisis developer Turbine hit with layoffs, Warner Bros. confirms

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Massachusetts-based Turbine, Inc. is currently being hit with an unspecified number of job cuts, Warner Bros. confirmed today.

Turbine are mainly known for developing MMO titles such as Asheron's Call and The Lord of the Rings Online, although it's currently working on the MOBA Infinite Crisis. Although information is limited, we don't think this should affect the development of Infinite Crisis or delay it at all, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything.

Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker join the Infinite Crisis party

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Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker have joined the cast of Turbine's DC MOBA Infinite Crisis as part of a new update which also adds a new tutorial mode and some "major performance improvements".

As for the new guys, Robin's just a Batman-wannabe in a gaudy costume that gives me a headache to look at, but Atomic Joker wins bonus points for being a head in a jar.

Joker, Catwoman and Aquaman get kitted out for the beach in new Infinite Crisis costume collection

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Heroes Catwoman, Aquaman and Joker have received snazzy new beachwear costumes in the Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection DLC.

The Summer Collection hit the Infinite Crisis store this Wednesday, June 25 and is available for 650 Crisis Coins.

Supergirl joins Infinite Crisis this July

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Supergirl is the latest character to join Turbine's free-to-play MOBA Infinite Crisis. Like her cousin and fellow superhero Superman, Kara Zor-El is a speedy, in-your-face brawler.

She's coming to the game on July 2.

New character Sinestro coming to Infinite Crisis on May 21

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Big-headed bad guy Sinestro is making his way to DC's Infinite Crisis MOBA on May 21. The recurring Green Lantern antagonist has his own trailer out now, explaining his role in combat.

Developers Turbine describe him as a "blaster using will as a resource to terrorize and finish off weakened prey".

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