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Day of Infamy is the new game from the developers of Insurgency

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It’s time to head back to World War II thanks to a new shooter from New World Interactive, the developers of the popular shooter Insurgency.

Final content update of 2014 drops for Insurgency, adding new maps and guns

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New World Interactive has released the final content update of the year for its military shooter Insurgency, adding new maps, new weapons, and several other changes.

In addition to two new night levels and three new Survival maps, the new guns for each team are the M45 for Security, and the Colt M1911 for the Insurgents.

NWI releases free "Halloween-inspired" update for Insurgency

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Yep, that's right, another Halloween event update. This time it's for tactical shooter Insurgency, which is getting a free, night-time combat focused addition titled Nightfall.

Wait, it's just set at night? No zombies or vampires? Well what the hell are you calling it "Halloween-inspired" for, New World Interactive?

Insurgency adds Steam Workshop integration in latest update

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New World Interactive has announced that its team-based tactical shooter Insurgency now has added Steam Workshop support. Players will now be able to create and share their own custom game theaters, maps, weapons skins, audio packs, and more.

To mark the release of the update adding this feature, NWI are offering the game for $9.99 on Steam, a 33% discount from the normal price of $14.99. They've also released a new video showcasing other new content.

Insurgency officially launches January 22nd on Steam

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Indie shooter Insurgency will be leaving the Early Access program after nine months and debuting officially on Steam January 22nd. A live stream Twitch broadcast from its creators will mark the event.

This will signal the end of the beta testing phase of the game, but "does not mark the end of development" by indie studio New World Interactive. It's a squad-based shooter in close quarters.

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