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In an almost fairy-tale like manner, this UT 2004 mod hits the big stage via steam in all its zombie glory...

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Killing Floor 2 is disgusting in the best way possible

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Tripwire Interactive certainly isn't skimping on the gore in its upcoming zombie co-op sequel, Killing Floor 2. In fact the development team has come up with whole new dismemberment system that takes the blood n' guts to a whole new level.

The M.E.A.T system (that's Massive Evisceration And Trauma by the way) is heavily inspired by Soldier of Fortune 2, a game that elevated poking holes in people into a disgusting art form.

Killing Floor 2 video shows off five unpleasant enemies

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Tripwire Interactive has released a new video for their upcoming co-op zombie-blaster, Killing Floor 2. It shows off five different enemy 'zeds' that could really do with some killing.

They are; the Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Cyst and Fleshpound. The crawler is some kind of spider-zombie thing. There's no need for that.

Red Orchestra's Tripwire reveal Killing Floor 2, endgame "much more entertaining"

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The sequel to Tripwire's co-op shooter Killing Floor has been revealed by the developer, and it's apparently coming to Steam and Early Access 'much sooner than we'd expect' it would. It'll also support Steam Workshop.

A big emphasis for the team this time is the endgame, which is "much more entertaining and has a lot more replay value," promises Tripwire president John Gibson. No release date yet.

Humble Bundle Weekly offer includes Zeno Clash and others

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A new Humble Bundle Weekly Sale is now live, featuring both Zeno Clash titles. The sale ends on Thursday, 19th December noon EST.

Killing Floor to receive Twisted Christmas content

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Tripwire isn't letting up with its themed Killing Floor events. The wave-based survival game is set to be invaded with Christmas critters in today's update.

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