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Next gen Dark Souls? Or just a wonky test-tube clone?

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Focus Home and Deck13 reveal partnership on "action RPG IP" set in sci-fi dystopic future

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There's more futility on the science fiction horizon as Focus Home and Deck13 have announced a partnership on a new dystopic future. It's an action RPG IP they're working on but they won't surrender a name yet.

They boast of "innovative combat mechanics and an original character progression system" that's based off modular upgrades, and we'll earn them through "tight, visceral" action. A single teasing image has been released.

Lords of the Fallen's Ancient Labyrinth DLC releases March 3

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If you're in the mood for more dark, dingy dungeon-crawling with that man Harkyn, you'll be happy to know that Lords of the Fallen's Ancient Labyrinth DLC drops in early March.

Ancient Labyrinth continues the main game's story, and adds a new location in the form of The Library, where the punishment for returning a book late is presumably extended torture of the soul followed by decapitation.

CI Games producer confirms that "conceptual work" for Lords of the Fallen 2 is underway

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Despite some unfortunate bugs and unremarkable boss fights, CI Games' action fantasy RPG Lords of the Fallen was really rather enjoyable.

Here's some good news then; CI's executive producer Tomasz Gop has posted on Facebook to confirm that " conceptual work on Lords of the Fallen 2 is underway."

Lords of the Fallen patch fixes Catacombs Pit bug‏

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Some unfortunate Lords of the Fallen players have been experiencing a game-breaking bug since the game launched last week, but a new patch released yesterday claims to have fixed it.

As bugs go, it was quite an impressive one - it caused players to fall into a pit in the Catacombs level and get stuck in an infinite loop of death. If that's happened to you already this patch won't get you out, but it should prevent the same thing happening in the future.

Lords of the Fallen release plans changed, available worldwide today‏

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Here's some slightly unusual but welcome news; Lord of the Fallen's European publisher Square Enix has revealed that the fantasy epic will be available worldwide from today, rather than a staggered release across several regions.

Usually British stores release games on a Friday, which was set to be the case with Lords of the Fallen. Square hasn't given a reason for the change, but really... who cares why?

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