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E3 2015: More than 10 minutes of Mad Max gameplay shows open world exploration, combat

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Avalanche is building two large open worlds and one of those is Mad Max. There's a good 14 minutes worth of interview with the developer accompanied by gameplay teasing us all the way through.

Combat is shown off and is very Batman-like, and we also see there's plenty to explore and collect in the vast wasteland. Avalanche built the world pre-apocalypse, and then destroyed it.

E3 2015: Warner release 'Eye of the Storm' story trailer for Mad Max

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Avalanche Studios is working on another sandbox (literally) open world to play in called Mad Max, in case you forgot. It's not all island dictator-toppling, fighter jet surfing and grappling hooks. A new story trailer has been released.

The video we see is all in-engine and has gameplay footage too, so no CGI trickery. We get to see the "merciless Wasteland tyrant" Scrotus again, who Max must defeat to escape The Wasteland madness.

Mad Max Savage Road trailer released, features Wasteland tyrant Scrotus

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WB Games has just released a new trailer for Avalcnhe Studios' upcoming Mad Max which will be out in early September on PC and console.

This new trailer introduces the Wasteland tyrant Scrotus who leads his warboys and steals Max's Interceptor, leaving him for dead. The rest is Max tearing up the Wasteland taking them on.

Gameplay overview trailer offers "glimpse into the desperate struggle" of Mad Max, on PC September 4th

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Warner Bros. IE has just released a gameplay overview for Avalanche Studios' Mad Max, which looks at the "deep car customization," vehicular combat, melee action and a "wide range of other activities".

All the footage in the trailer is in-engine and from in-game cinematics, teases Warner. The sandbox wasteland of Mad Max will be arriving on PC and console September 4th.

Mad Max Burns his way onto PC in September, new Screenshots Released

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Avalanche Studios has released several new screenshots for the video game release of Mad Max, which is coming to the PC in September.

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