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Avalanche created a physical version of Mad Max's signature ride, the Magnum Opus

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Avalanche Studios is primed and ready to release Mad Max next week, and the team wanted to share “one of our favorite experiences” with fans before they get their hands on the game.

The game features a signature ride for Max, the Magnum Opus, and Avalanche actually created the vehicle in real-life. Whether they roared around the Australian desert in it throwing pipe bombs out the back is unclear.

Watch eighty minutes of Mad Max in action, taken from a developer livestream

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Last week we reported that twenty minutes of Avalanche's Mad Max were available for you to check out, but this video taken from a developer livestream kind of trumps that.

It's eighty minutes long, and features three members of the Avalanche team - director of narrative Odd Alghren, senior designer Emil Kraftling, and lead character artist Kristofer Labedzki - exploring the wastelands, beating up War Boys, and generally causing chaos.

Watch twenty minutes of Mad Max in action

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I think anyone who saw the peerless Fury Road in cinemas earlier this year is itching for a little bit of post-apocalyptic insanity in their video games, so Avalanche Studios' upcoming Mad Max game has the potential to do some decent business, even if it's up  against the mighty Metal Gear Solid 5.

Avalanche reveals PC specs for Mad Max

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With Avalanche Studios' video game take on Mad Max only a month away from store shelves, the developer has released the game's minimum and recommended PC requirements.

Latest Mad Max trailer takes a look at the game's Strongholds

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The open world of Avalanche's Mad Max game isn't just filled with deserts, crows and hollering War Boys. It also features a number of scattered Strongholds, places that offer a tiny slice of civilization amongst a whole lot of post-apocalyptic nihilism.

They're the subject of the latest trailer for the upcoming action game, which continues to look pretty good. The slightly dull-looking lead character's no Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy, but Avalanche seem to have nailed the insane stunts and gas-guzzling chaos of Fury Road pretty well.

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