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Does Mafia II make us an offer we can't refuse, or is it sleeping with the fishes? (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

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Rumour: Mafia news from 2K Games might be "very soon"

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According to the voice actor behind Mafia II's Vito Scaletta, there might be something ready to announce to fans soon. It's been five long years since we last did favours for the family.

Mafia II was a pretty good successor and had two story DLCs to its name, but then 2K went all 'code of silence' about anything more in the works. Are we finally ready to grease our hair again?

Rumour: Possible Mafia 3 casting call reveals Louisiana setting

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A casting call posted with the Actors Access network has been spotted, and its owner is looking for three actors with Italian and/or southern accents. The characters are all described as robot Mafiosos.

Franklin, Tony and Mickey are all focused on their criminal enterprises. Not much has been heard about Mafia 3 and this casting call is for an 'untitled game' in the works.

2K Czech move studio, transfer developers to US

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2K Czech, developers of the Mafia series, are making some major changes to their infrastructure, moving their Prague office to Brno and shifting several developers over to the 2K headquarters in California.

2K Czech hiring for "top secret, unannounced & super interesting project"

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Mafia developer 2K Czech has a "super interesting project" on the go as they hunt for a 'Lead Mission Designer' for a "top secret, unannounced" new triple-A game. Mafia 3 is said to be in production.

Apparently a new Mafioso instalment will make its bones on the next Xbox and PlayStation platform. The studio needs a "local champion" for their mission design goals on the hushed up project.

Report: Mafia 3 in development for next Xbox and PlayStation 4

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It seems 2K Czech are muscling in for their cut of the next-gen console pie, as the studio are busy with Mafia 3. It was to be a launch title but will likely miss that window, says a report.

Apparently 2K Czech are short staffed and need more made-men to pad the offices. Rumour has it the team were assisting Rockstar with GTA V, and being helped to 'grow Mafia' further.

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