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Marvel Heroes Review

Is Marvel Heroes some part of a super villain's evil scheme to fleece money from unsuspecting comic fans?

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Blade playable in Marvel Heroes 2015 in time for Halloween

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Everyone's favorite damphir is now the 52nd playable character in Marvel Heroes 2015, as Gazillion has released a trailer showing off Blade, who is voiced by Dennis Fennoy and based on Marko Djurdjevic's design in the Blade 2006 comic series. Blade’s original costume from Tomb of Dracula #10 is also available as an alternate style.

Other Halloween content released for Marvel Heroes 2015 includes the Franken-Castle and Symbiote Wolverine, inspired by the cover of New Avengers #35 and voiced by Steve Blum.

Gazillion details key features and events coming to Marvel Heroes 2016

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Gazillion Entertainment demoed some of the content fans can expect from Marvel Heroes 2016 - the next annual evolution of the MMO action RPG - at Ney Work Comic Con over the weekend.

Comics nerds can enjoy a story campaign based on the major Secret Invasion event from 2008, in which the devious Skrulls invade Earth in the guise of various superheroes.

TV show inspired Daredevil costume added to Marvel Heroes

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If you're anything like me you'll have spent the past couple of days binge-watching every single episode of Netflix's superhero crime thriller Daredevil (spoiler: it's really good).

So, presumably, have the team at Secret Identity Studios, who've added a skin based on hero Matt Murdock's original costume to their action RPG Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes 2015 announced, celebrating first anniversary June 4th

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The next seasonal year of content for Gazillion's Marvel Heroes begins June 4th as the free-to-play action-RPG celebrates its first anniversary, which also marks the launch of the open beta for Mac gamers.

The studio has "come a very long way" since its original debut, and they plan "massive anniversary celebrations" as the community moves into Marvel Heroes 2015.

Marvel Heroes update 2.14 includes new Bovineheim Zone, Cosmic Terminals

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Gazillion launched update 2.14 for Marvel Heroes over the weekend which adds a new playable zone - Bovineheim - a frozen tundra in Asgard where nefarious Skrull cows are fiendishly plotting mayhem.

Cosmic Terminals are also introduced which are meant for the "most experienced Heroes" to try their skills at "some of the most difficult content" in Marvel Heroes for cosmic loot.

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