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BioWare looking for producer to "shape online for the next Mass Effect"

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It's pretty much a done deal that the new Mass Effect - which BioWare stubbornly won't call Mass Effect '4' - will have an online multiplayer side of things. This is hardly surprising since Mass Effect 3 introduced a successful formula.

The multiplayer wasn't directly connected to Mass Effect 3's main campaign, although it could have a slight impact on 'readiness'. The same sort of online component cropped up in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition began life as a multiplayer project‏

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It may be currently winning plaudits for its expansive singleplayer campaign, but Dragon Age: Inquisition had something of an unorthodox beginning.

Talking to, Bioware's Mark Darrah revealed that the game started out as a multiplayer prototype some time before the release of Dragon Age 2.

Bioware will support Inquisition's multiplayer "far beyond" that of Mass Effect 3

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At first glance the recently revealed Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer mode looks a hell of a lot like the one found in Mass Effect 3 - lots of enemies to blast, little bit of character customisation and a bunch of classes to choose from.

Speaking to Destructoid though, a BioWare representative claimed that the developers would be supporting the online mode "far beyond" the point where they signed off on their sci-fi franchise.

Casey Hudson leaves Bioware after 16 years

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Casey Hudson, probably best known as the executive producer of the Mass Effect Trilogy, has left Bioware after 16 years with the studio.

In a letter posted publicly by Bioware, Hudson said he wanted to "take a much needed break, get perspective on what I really want to do with the next phase of my life, and eventually, take on a new set of challenges."

The mighty Mako will return in the next Mass Effect game

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Good news for fans of dodgy yet somehow loveable vehicles - according to Bioware the mighty Mako will make a return in the next Mass Effect game.

The Escapist report that due to a new focus on exploration, players will be able to customise the all-terrain vehicle to their own liking, and Bioware are apparently making sure that handling "is as responsive as possible". How boring of them.

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