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European server expansion for MechWarrior Online reduces lag by up to 75%, according to developer

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Piranha Games has completed a global server expansion for MechWarrior Online, claiming that lag for players "has been reduced in some areas by more than 75% with the average ping time reduced by 50%." Baically, if you're outside North America, playing the game should be a little less head-bangingly frustrating now.

New servers in the Oceania region will go up next month, so if you're from that corner of the world you've still got a little bit longer to wait. The game's inching towards a level playing field, though, which is good news.

MechWarrior announces clan Mechs for pre-order

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Fans can now also purchase one of several offered packages in return for XP bumps, limited edition forum badges and their own choice of Mech.

MechWarrior Online exits beta for official launch

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Piranha Games' free-to-play MechWarrior Online is now officially live as the beta period ends. A launch patch has been set loose with an invitational tournament dated September 26th.

Fans of MechWarrior action can look forward to "regular semi-monthly" patches with a "full slate of expansion features coming" in 2014. UI overhaul still in the works.

12 vs. 12 battles now possible in MechWarrior Online

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Piranha Games has announced that the promised 12 vs. 12 match combat is now live for MechWarrior Online, allowing for massive battles between mechs.

Sarah's Mech nets $100K in purchases for cancer

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A few weeks ago, Sarah's Mech, a special edition Jenner, went on sale to raise to raise money for cancer research, in honor of 5 year old Mechwarrior Online fan Sarah Marie Alida Parries. The sales have reached $100K.

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