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Medal of Honor: Airborne Latest Downloads

Patch 1.3

  • [Patch]
  • Posted over 6 years ago
  • 1.05 GB
  • 1 download

This update for Medal of Honor Airborne adds two new maps, Objective Mode for multiplayer, and two new weapons for dedicated server games, in addition to multiple bug fixes.

Patch 1.2

  • [Patch]
  • Posted almost 7 years ago
  • 1.3 GB
  • 1 download

The monstrous (1.3GB uncompressed) 1.2 patch for MOH: Airborne. This update raises the player count in multiplayer mode, allows for more naming options, makes some weapon balancing changes and adds 2 new maps.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo

  • [Demo]
  • Posted about 7 years ago
  • 1.27 GB

The new Medal of honor: Airborne playable demo.