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Men of War: Vietnam game editor allows for "virtually unlimited possibilities"

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Real-time strategy Men of War: Vietnam from 1C Company has been given a full game editor which lets the mod community tinker with their own minor or major creations.

The latest game patch also lowers Easy and Normal difficulty allowing less-than veteran players "a way to conquer Vietnam." It napalmed "possible de-synchronization" too.

UK/Irish retail release of Men of War: Vietnam to get bonuses

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The retail version of Men of War: Vietnam being released in the British Isles will have five bonus missions, as well as a soundtrack CD, when the game is released on September 16. The soundtrack will probably feature the hard-driving classic rock and roll from the 1960's.

Men of War: Vietnam moved up to Sept 9

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The beautiful looking wartime real-time strategy game, Men of War: Vietnam, will be hitting on September 9, moved up 3 weeks from its September 27 release date, according to developer and publisher 1C.

Best in Show: 1C's Prague'n'Play 2011

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We bring you the latest news from the Eastern Front...

1C Line-up: Men of War, Captain Blood and more...

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As you guys will already know, Strategy Informer was lucky enough to attend this year's Prague'N'Play Summer showcase for 1C Company, a veteran niche PC publisher from Mother Russia.

This year's line-up has 1C building upon some of their classic franchises, as well as introducing new IP's to expand their influence. The full line up after the jump...

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