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Need for Speed starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul begins filming in Georgia

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The film adaptation of Need for Speed has started production in the town of Macon, Georgia. It stars former Batman actor Michael Keaton and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul who plays Jesse in the hit TV show.

A local news network reported on the filming letting residents know Hollywood-types were invading the town and shutting down roads. No traffic in the way? Doesn't sound like Need for Speed.

Criterion say it's "time to make something new" away from racing games

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Burnout and Need for Speed rebooter extraordinaire, Criterion Games, won't be leaving tire tracks all over our desktops and TVs with their next release. The studio is drifting off into the sunset with the racing genre.

Boss man Alex Ward says that after a decade of tricked out wheels pummelling asphalt it's "time to make something new." No, before you ask, there's not another Black coming.

Rumour: Criterion 'rebooting' Need for Speed: Underground? [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: "Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots?" tweet Criterion.

Another subtitled adventure within the Need for Speed series is getting the Criterion reboot treatment, according to rumour, and this time it'll be Underground. It will apparently be set in a new Bayview City.

An anonymous party sent in a proposed logo for this reboot, saying it was in development for Xbox 360. Oddly the logo includes landmarks like Big Ben and the Coliseum. Something's not right.

Need for Speed film starring Aaron Paul in murder, jail, revenge plot

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The story for the upcoming Need for Speed film from DreamWorks has been revealed. The premise centres around Aaron Paul's character getting framed for a friend's murder and then seeking revenge.

Actor Dominic Cooper is currently tipped to star opposite as male lead Dino, an ex-NASCAR racer who builds a business out of modifying cars. Need for Speed should screen February 7th, 2014.

EA's Criterion hiring for "believable, open world" racing project

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Eyebrows are tweaked as it appears Burnout and Need for Speed developer Criterion is seeking new bodies to pad their studio roster for a new racing title.

The engineering position means "developing on new platforms" while the AI coder will be required to whip up "believable, open world AI Racing Drivers".

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