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Was it meant to be a sprint?

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Need for Speed film starring Aaron Paul in murder, jail, revenge plot

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The story for the upcoming Need for Speed film from DreamWorks has been revealed. The premise centres around Aaron Paul's character getting framed for a friend's murder and then seeking revenge.

Actor Dominic Cooper is currently tipped to star opposite as male lead Dino, an ex-NASCAR racer who builds a business out of modifying cars. Need for Speed should screen February 7th, 2014.

DICE has Frostbite-powered titles for 2013 that "will require a 64-bit OS"

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Battlefield developer DICE has its own fancy engine technology that goes by the name Frostbite 2, and now the studio teases that some 2013 titles using it will need a 64-bit OS.

It's a "great opportunity to upgrade" to Windows 8, says DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson. The majority of PC users don't use 64-bit, but do PC gamers? Let's hope so.

EA offering up Need for Speed to Hollywood, Paramount 'is frontrunner'

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The Need for Speed franchise is being shopped around the Hollywood studio scene by EA's representation, the United Talent Agency, and the word is Paramount is hungry for it.

The price for the movie rights are said to be in the low seven-figures. The latest game instalment was very film-like with its story starring actors Sean Faris and Christina Hendricks.

EA Montreal studio lent DICE's Frostbite

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Johan Andersson of developer DICE is on route to Montreal, Canada to visit a studio using the Frostbite engine which powers Battlefield 3. It was also used in Need for Speed: The Run.

The upcoming Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is also using Frostbite. EA's Montreal digs include BioWare and EA Montreal itself. What projects could use the engine tech?

Syndicate and Twisted Metal demos highlight PSN weekly update

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The weekly update to the PlayStation Store includes the release of the demos for Syndicate and Twisted Metal, as well as the debut of the puzzle title Puddle. A slew of important DLC has landed on PSN as well, including the single player expansion Ryder White for Dead Island, and the launch DLC for Soul Calibur V.

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