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E3 2015: Hello Games explores more of the galaxy in No Man's Sky, discovers 'Planet E3'

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British developer Hello Games showed more of No Man's Sky this week at the Sony E3 conference, which included a tantalising glimpse at the stupendously vast galaxy map where each star can be explored.

There was a ruckus between two factions as fleets battled, which we could choose to get involved with, and we visited a new alien world that has since been dubbed 'Planet E3'. There's still no release date yet.

Hello Games reminds players that No Man's Sky "is not an MMO", and you won't be grouping up with friends

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Hello Games' ambitious space exploration game No Man's Sky has been a hot topic in the gaming community for some time, but its multiplayer component has never really been explained in detail.

The company's managing director Sean Murray sat down with Game Informer to clarify some things, and reiterated; "we just want to be really clear with people that it is not an MMO."

Hello Games reveal new gameplay trailer for No man's Sky

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The exploration of a whole galaxy is still in the works at Hello Games, who released a new gameplay trailer of the sci-fi title during The Game Awards 2014.

No Man's Sky is a crazily ambitious sci-fi adventure that's due out next year for PC and PlayStation 4. Players will explore the huge expanse of space and its billions of procedurally generated worlds.

Hello Games confirm that No Man's Sky will indeed be coming to PC

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We knew it would happen eventually, right? Hello Games has confirmed that its colourful, ambitious space exploration game No Man's Sky will be coming to the PC.

In the September edition of Edge (reported by Gamespot) the studio claims that the game will indeed launch on PC some time after its PS4 exclusivity deal expires.

No Man's Sky trailer adds dinosaurs, as if sexy space combat wasn't enough

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Developer Hello Games showed off yet another tantalizing glimpse at its procedurally-generated space explorer No Man’s Sky at this year's E3. There's dinosaurs in it. Hello Games are clearly trying to cram everything I like into one game.

The idea is that you can jump in your ship and pretty much go anywhere, exploring a wide open galaxy with an almost endless variety of randomly-generated planets and wildlife.

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