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No Man's Sky Summary

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The Latest No Man's Sky Patch Details

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No Man's Sky has been out for a bit now and it got off to a rocky start. It's a big game with big ambitions and a big universe to try to encompass everything after all. That said, Hello Games isn't sitting on its heels letting problems be problems. They've released several patches already and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the game runs the way it ought to.

Of course, patching a game as popular and extensive as No Man's Sky takes a lot of work and once one thing gets fixed, another may just as well break as a result. Regardless, we're here to keep you up to date on what's happening. Below, you'll find a list of each of the patches the PC version of No Man's Sky has received as well as a break down of what they resolved, added to, or removed from the game.

New No Man’s Sky patch addresses PC performance issues

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The launch of No Man’s Sky launch has been a bit rocky, to say the least, bringing a bunch of criticism that ranges from fair to hyperbolic. One of the biggest criticisms has been of the PC version, which despite the game’s apparently limited technical demands hasn’t been performing well. A new patch released this week aiming to address these issues.

No Man's Sky mods take aim at making universal exploration more enjoyable

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No Man's Sky hit the market recently and by many accounts, while it delivers the vast universe to explore that was promised, it's also a bit of a repetitive grind fest. Luckily, modders have taken to making improvements to ease the game's problems and enhance the journey. We've brought a few of our favorties together on GameWatcher and are putting the spotlight on two new particularly enjoyable mods that have recently come out.

Sean Murray discusses possibility of paid No Man’s Sky updates

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The question has finally been answered. What is No Man’s Sky? It’s a crafting and survival game. With precedent set by games like Minecraft and Terraria, that means a lot of continued support and free updates down the line. But director Sean Murray hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of paid DLC.

No Man’s Sky data mining reveals monkey, Half-Life, and possible player avatar

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No Man’s Sky is out and on the hard drives of home computers, so obviously its files are already being picked apart in an effort to divine all of its secrets. If you’re hoping for any major revelations about the nature of the universe or secret modes, you’ll be disappointed, but there are some interesting tidbits and finds throughout.

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