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Outlast 2 Could Be Arriving Sooner Than We Think - Development Is 100% Complete

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Can you believe it's almost been 4 years since the release of Outlast? So where's that sequel, you ask? It could be arriving fairly soon.

Red Barrels studio to make mystery announcement tomorrow

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Outlast was an oppressive first-person adventure from the Red Barrels studio which tasked players with navigating an awful asylum full of maniacal and grotesque prisoners who wanted nothing more than to show the protagonist his insides. A recent tweet by Red Barrels and a change on their website promises something big is coming tomorrow.

Red Barrels are working on a sequel to hit horror title Outlast‏

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First-person horror game and terrible advert for remote mental asylums Outlast is getting a sequel, developer Red Barrels has confirmed.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, co-founder Philippe Morin says the studio realised they "had another horror game in us" after finishing up a version of the original game for XBox One.

Outlast: Whistleblower trailer teases further horrors

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Survival horror game Outlast is shortly to get its first expansion, Whistleblower, and there's a new trailer out that gives us some idea of what to expect.

Outlast expansion Whistleblower named and dated

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Whistleblower will be the first expansion pack for Red Barrels' popular horror title Outlast. The developers revealed the new DLC today, along with a screenshot showing one of the unpleasant things you'll see while playing it.

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