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D-Pad Studio announces that after 10 years of development, Owlboy will release on 1st November

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D-Pad Studio is almost ready to release its ‘high-bit’ adventure game Owlboy, which has been in development for 10 years. It will be released for the PC on 1st November, 2016.

Owlboy is a flying platform adventure with the main protagonist being Otus, a mute who finds himself in a bit of trouble with the appearance of sky pirates. The good thing is that you can pretty much carry anything, including friends you'll find in this vast cloud world, who will help by acting as gunners to fight for you. This should get you through any of the large dungeons and boss battles you'll face along the way.

Owlboy PC demo now available

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D-Pad Studio has announced that the PC demo for Owlboy is available, directly from the official site.

According to the developer, "The demo starts off right after the pirates have attacked Otus's home village, Vellie. Otus and Geddy are approaching the 'Owl Temple', in order to find the 'Wind Machine', which will help prevent another pirate attack."